As part of the problem management team, there are only two kinds of issues that you may come across– problems that bring down your entire service desk crashing down in a few hours, and problems that take a little over a few hours to do the same. Rest assured, there won't be even the faintest sign of a heads up when this hits you. All you need to do is give your best to keep the service desk running strong.

This is exactly where Freshservice Problem Management software comes in to save the day.

Easy problem recognition

With all the incidents that come your way, the hard part is recognizing a pattern and pinpointing the underlying problems. The Freshservice Problem Management software makes it easy for you. Whenever an incident is raised and associated with a CI, you can easily check the CI's database for similar incidents and isolate problems in their early stages. Ideally, a problem should be diagnosed even before it causes an incident. So you can always create fresh, isolated problems, link them to incidents and CIs and notify requestors.

Freshservice simplifies the problem management process by analyzing and escalating incidents.
Freshservice provides a comprehensive problem analysis that makes it easy for you to diagnose the root cause.
Comprehensive problem analysis

Once you raise a problem, Freshservice simplifies the problem management process with a thorough analysis. This includes root cause analysis that scrutinizes the impact and symptoms of the problem in question. The methodical problem analysis also serves as an in-depth timeline of the entire issue that can be used for future references. Just a glance at the problem's page will tell you everything you need to know - from linked incidents and CIs, to due dates and reasons for the hiccup.

Quick and efficient solutions

Once you’ve completed the root cause analysis and identified the source of issue, it’s time to get working on a solution. To ensure that your problems are taken care of on time, set a due date for the resolution based on the complexity and business impact of the issue. Depending on factors like cost of the solution and return on investment (ROI), implementing a permanent solution right away might not be feasible. Until then, the best thing to do is to devise a workaround and communicate the same to all affected customers. Add these solutions to the Knowledge Base as articles and easily attach the right solutions to your responses.

Attach the right solution to the problem and compile your Knowledge Base
The service desk automation in Freshservice help you save time by automating complex, recurring tasks.
Smart automation for problem management

Aside from recognizing problems and diagnosing the root cause, problem management also involves a lot of mundane, recurring tasks that you just can't get out of. For instance, when you identify the root cause of a problem, you might want to mark it as a known error and mark all related incidents as closed. Similarly, if a solution requires a change and the corresponding change has been implemented, the related problem and incidents have to be closed as well. But these time-consuming tasks can be easily automated and require almost no human intervention with Freshservice. The service desk automation on Freshservice, such as the Observer and Scenario Automation features, can execute these and other complex actions with the click of a button - leaving you free to do what you do best: solve real problems.