Machine learning in ITSM

Application of machine learning in ITSM allows significant improvement in customer experience. It helps handle issues more effectively, decreases service desk agents’ efforts, and reduces service costs. This lead to the development of Freddy, our machine learning platform.

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Maximize agent productivity

One of the biggest advantages of machine learning is that it helps you be proactive. The field suggester feature in Freshservice uses machine learning to create a prediction model based on previous tickets in a service desk and uses the model to predict field values such as category, group, type, etc. for every incoming ticket. This saves 35% of agents’ time allowing them to focus on other important issues.

field suggester

Stay on top of your tickets

Out-of-office messages and generic responses such as ‘thank you’ often reopen tickets and mess with metrics. Not anymore!  “Thank you detector” powered by Freddy uses machine learning to analyze responses to incoming tickets and only reopens tickets that require further help. 

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Thank you detector

Ask and you shall receive

Searching for the right metric from a huge pile of existing reports in a service desk is always tedious. But we’ve changed the game. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine allows you to ask for metrics in plain English and Freddy will fetch them in the form of reports, tables, etc. 

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Machine Learning at Freshworks

In the past couple of years, Freshworks has realized the potential of AI and ML to provide a better end-user experience. With this goal in mind, Freshworks has developed Freddy, the AI and ML platform that powers several features across the Freshworks suite of products. The team is tirelessly working to bring more amazing features that will make the life of agents and end-users easy.

So lookout for more amazing ML features from Freshservice!