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Quick setup, and easy configuration

Freshservice is exceptionally easy to configure and use. Set up Freshservice in a jiffy, and get started on IT support instantly!

Transparent pricing

In Freshservice, there are no extra charges. What you see is what you get, and that’s what you pay for. No clauses, no hidden costs!

24/7 support throughout

Our support team is always standing by you every step of the way, to help you, no matter what plan you are on. (Yes, it’s FREE)

A clean, user-friendly UI

Freshservice has a slick, clean UI, so you don’t fumble around the service desk. Enjoy a chaos free user experience!

Focus on getting work done

Freshservice enables you to get your work done faster, and easier. It is easy to adopt and a breeze to use without ANY training.

Get your hands on an Award-winning software now

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose Freshservice.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose Freshservice.

Increase Agent Productivity

Save precious time by quickly responding to employee questions with reusable templates

Automate internal processes

Automate agent assignment for requests and create your own approval workflows using workflow automator to fulfil requests on time.

Get the most out of CMDB

Get complete visibility into how your configuration items (CIs) are connected to the business by visualizing all the dependencies and relationships in an interactive map.

Be on top of your KPIs

Project the key metrics for your team on a large screen to keep them updated

Improve employee experience

Auto suggest solution articles to end users when they’re trying to solve a problem.

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