Todas las funcionalidades Gestión de activos de TI Descubrimiento automático de activos

Identifique automáticamente todos los activos de su organización

Identifique todos los activos que se usan en su organización usando el Agente de Descubrimiento para gestionar las computadoras, y la Sonda de Descubrimiento para escanear todos los archivos de su red.

Take advantage of discovery tools to automatically capture and update your asset information in real time, eliminating the need to manually add asset data to your service desk.

auto identify all the assets in your organization 2x

Scan and identify assets on the go

Take advantage of barcode or QR scanning capabilities from your mobile device with the IT asset management module, and scan your assets even without being at your desk.

Download the Freshservice mobile app on iOS and Android to take full advantage of IT asset management from remote locations.

scan and identify assets on the go 2x

Improve your governance by scheduling regular updates

Schedule automatic searches of your network to regularly update your asset information to ensure up-to-date and accurate data.

With automatic information updates for your assets, keep track of all changes and updates made to each asset in your organization.

enhance governance by scheduling periodic updates 2x