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The best ITSM software is the one that helps you simplify your work

When you choose an ITSM software, you’re looking for a solution to bring some order to the chaos. This should be achieved in a simple and smart way. Your service desk should work for you, and not the other way round. Your ITSM software needs to be very easy to set up, simple to learn, and should be loved by your agents & end-users.

If you’ve been looking for a Topdesk alternative, welcome to Freshservice.A service desk that’s simple to learn and adopt without the help of training manuals, set-up guides and lengthy videos.

Why is Freshservice the best alternative to TOPdesk

A smart self-service portal to ease IT agent’s life

Freshservice comes with a smart and intuitive self-service portal that your users will love. Our smart suggestion feature will ensure your end users solve their issues even before it comes to service desk. Apart from this, Freshservice offers a range of automation capabilities like scenario automations, scheduler, auto assignment, which increases your agent’s productivity by 20%.

A collaborative service desk

Freshservice is built for the workforce of today. That’s precisely the reason why we built a ton of collaborative features. With our team huddle feature, your agents can collaborate and work on a ticket together without having to switch tools or move away from your service desk. You can now collaborate on tickets without losing context and help your users more efficiently.

Set up your service desk less than a day

Freshservice is the easiest service desk to implement when it comes to small to medium sized teams. Our simple UI ensures a fully functional service desk straight out of the box. The admin panel in Freshservice has all the configurations in one place unlike TOPdesk which has configuration spread across different modules. If you’re looking for a TOPdesk alternative that’s easy to set up, Freshservice is your answer.

Ensure your agents are always motivated

A one of kind feature that’s available ONLY with Freshserivce, gamification ensures your agents are always motivated while doing their work. Award points based on tasks completed,contributions to KBs, SLA compliance among others. You can Incentivise agents based on points and make sure both your agents and end-users stay happy!

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