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Why should business softwares always be hard to set up and use?

Setting up a new ITSM softwares come with a lot of constraints- The need to get trained, the cost of implementation, increasing adoption, a feature short here and there. When it comes to your service desk, you don’t want to have any negative surprises. If any of these reasons has driven you to look for an alternative to Cherwell, you’ve come to the right place. Freshservice offers a feature packed, simple, and an intuitive service desk that your agents and users will love.

Why is Freshservice the best Cherwell alternative?

A fully functional service desk on mobile

Freshservice’s mobile app (on iOS and Android) is designed to not just mimic the desktop experience. It has features that are specific and exclusive only on the app. With features like ‘To-dos’, approval managements, quick menus, barcode scanning staying on top of tasks has never been more easier. What more? We have over 60% of our agents using our app for their day to day tasks. Also the rating our users have given for the mobile app (8.0/10) to that of Cherwell (5.0/10) does speak a story for itself. Freshservice is your answer to buying a service that suits the workforce of today.

a fully functional service desk on mobile

A clean and non-confusing UI

When you use a tool on a daily basis, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by 10 tabs screaming for attention and other elements that distracts you. If you’re one of the thousands who is looking for a new ITSM tool because it’s too difficult to use your current ITSM software, we’ve got your back. With Freshservice you get a service desk that’s easy to set up, simple to adopt, and breeze to use on a everyday basis. Getting started and customising Freshservice is as easy as playing with lego blocks.

get up and running in less than a day

Get up and running in less than a day

The best thing about Freshservice is the ease with which you can set up the service desk. All you need is a couple of hours and a steady internet connection- Boom, you’re up and running. Start adding value to your users faster whilst having a very smooth transition from your previous vendor. In case you need any assistance, our support ninjas are here to bail you out. And did we say our support and implementation is completely free irrespective of the pricing plan you opt.

a clean and non confusing ui

A service desk that seamlessly integrates with other apps

Freshservice is built to seamlessly integrate with a suite of business and service desk specific apps. From integrations to help you boost your productivity and making your everyday work easier, we’ve got everything covered.

a service desk that seamlessly integrates with other apps

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