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Are legacy ITSM tools like BMC remedy weighing your IT team down?

One of the top reasons why people choose us over BMC is the lightning speed at which you can learn and implement Freshservice. With Freshservice, you are truly in the future of IT service. With modules that are ITIL-aligned, a ton of features to collaborate and conquer, and industry’s best rated mobile app, Freshservice delivers effortless service that your users and agents will love.

If you’re one of the thousands stuck with legacy ITSM software and are looking for an alternative to BMC remedy, give Freshservice a spin. You will love it.

4 reasons why Freshservice is the best alternative to BMC remedy

Set up your IT support in less than a day

Getting started with a legacy software like BMC might take a minimum of 3 months or more. One of the pivotal reasons people love us is they start using Freshservice in less than 10 hours straight. Start adding value to your users faster whilst ensuring that you have a smooth transition. Irrespective of whether you’re starting a new service desk or transitioning from an existing BMC software, we’re here to help you out.

set up your it support in less than 1 day 2x

One service desk, multiple uses.

Improve the quality of your IT service and customer experience with Freshservice. Customise templates for non-IT teams like HR, finance, design et al. The flexibility of Freshservice allows every team to offer an efficient service desk experience. Your end users can request for new items easily and your IT teams can now focus on more strategic initiatives. All this at NO EXTRA COST. After all, why should IT team be the only one to benefit from Freshservice?

give your end users a reason to love you more

What if your service desk could motivate your agents?

Our goal is not just to make IT support simple, but to make it fun as well. We’re pioneers in implementing gamification environment in the service desk that will keep your agents engaged and motivated. Now your agents will love seeing something refreshing and would thank you for letting them see a refreshing interface!

why shouldn t it agents have some fun 2x

A service desk at a fraction of the cost of BMC

Get a fully functional and intuitive service desk at a fraction of the cost of BMC remedy. When you go with Freshservice, there’s no need for you to have needless expensive consulting and implementations. Freshservice is free for a team of 3 agents and starts at $20/month/agent. As your teams and company grow, our pricing plans keep up with your asks whilst staying affordable. Get to know what you’re gonna pay upfront and try Freshservice before you pay for it.

It’s not without reason that we were awarded as leaders in the service desk category based on user satisfaction.

an itsm tool thats easy on your pocket

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