ITIL is the primary framework used by IT professionals for IT Service Management (ITSM) . This guide gives you all the information you need to know about ITIL certification. If you're involved in IT support, getting ITIL certification is one thing to work on. The ITIL framework is a set of detailed habits focused on tailoring IT services to your business needs. ITIL principles are vendor-independent and are used for the two benefits of increasing IT staff productivity and reducing IT operating costs.

Today's ITIL has five core parts, each covering different stages of the ITSM lifecycle. ITIL is often considered a Bible-like entity for IT support. But in reality, ITIL is a set of best practices for IT support, and the fact that it needs to be seen is not understood. The ITIL framework is just a means to an end, not an end in itself.

For example, you can use ITIL's set of best practices (service desk self-service) to reduce the number of direct response requests aimed at resolving issues. However, to achieve this, ITSM tools require a comprehensive self-service portal .

So what are the ITIL principles?

As mentioned earlier, ITIL is a set of best practices that help provide seamless IT services. Today ITIL has undergone several upgrades and revisions. The latest version of ITIL consists of five parts that cover different aspects of IT services. These five parts are:

The latest ITIL, also known as ITIL v3, focuses on business and IT integration. By systematically following ITIL principles, you can help manage and mitigate risk, reduce IT support costs, build an ecosystem for growth, expansion and change, and strengthen end-user relationships.

Why you need to get ITIL certification

IT support personnel have many benefits to getting ITIL certification. Let me give you some examples









ITIL certification exam

ITIL uses what is called the "ITIL Credit System" to award certification. A specific "credit count" will be awarded for all ITIL and related qualifications. Earn credits at each level and candidates will move on to the next stage of certification. A total of 22 points is required to obtain "ITIL Expert Certification".

Each level of ITIL certification focuses on various aspects of ITIL best practices. The five levels of ITIL certification are:

Let's take a closer look at each of these sections.

Foundation level

This is the first level of authentication. The focus here is on a general understanding of key elements, the basics of the ITIL concept, the key definitions used in the ITIL service life cycle, and contributions to service management practices.

ITIL Certified Foundation Level Eligible

The foundation level consists of 40 choice questions , and 2 credits will be awarded to candidates who clear the level. At least 65% (26 out of 40) correct answers are the certification acquisition line.  The foundation level is a no-go test and There are no prerequisites required to take the test . Anyone interested in IT service management can take the exam.

Practitioner level

Practitioner level is the second step in ITIL certification. This stage focuses on bridging between the foundation level and the intermediate level (the third level of ITIL certification). The main purpose of the practitioner level is to enable IT staff to adopt the ITIL framework in the workplace.

By building best practices for other frameworks like DevOps, Agile, and Lean, ITIL practitioners value any improvement initiative in IT service management. Like the foundation level, the practitioner level has 40 choice questions that must be answered within 135 minutes . The pass line for this level is at least 70% (28 out of 40 questions) .Unlike the first level, this is a carry-on exam . Completing this level will give you 3 credits .

Intermediate level

This level has a flexible structure and includes two categories

As you can see from the details above, each module in ITIL Certified Intermediate focuses on various aspects of service management. You can get as many intermediate qualifications as you need. You can take a combination of modules from both of these categories based on what you Want To Learn From The Modules.
At The Intermediate Level You Will Be Awarded 15 Or 16 Credits (Depending On The Module You Choose). However, Intermediate Levels Are Only Offered To Those Who Have Passed The ITIL Foundation Exams (in PDF format) And Have Completed The Accredited Training courses of ITIL accreditation bodies.

Expert level

ITIL Expert Certification is the best choice for anyone who wants to demonstrate their understanding of the ITIL framework. Expert certification is given to someone who has sufficient in-depth knowledge and skills regarding ITIL best practices.

There are some important requirements for getting ITIL Expert Certification

Master level

All ITIL Master Candidates must demonstrate the success of implementation projects in the workplace in ITIL-related duties. There is no fixed / prescribed syllabus or training proposed by Axelos (the creator of the ITIL framework). The Axelos website states, "We need to demonstrate that we have extensive and [practical] experience with practical ITIL and are actively involved in implementing the practice. "The qualifications for the ITIL-certified master level are as follows:

Management of the entire life cycle

Candidates can earn 5 credits . Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam and earning an additional 15 credits (from the Intermediate Course) is the minimum requirement to participate in this exam. This means that you need at least 17 credits to take this exam. Many IT professionals around the world use this as a gateway to ITIL expert certification.

Completion of certification at each level will grant certification and credit

About ITIL certification costs

The cost of ITIL certification varies by region and depends on the country in which you are taking the exam. Certification registration fees range from $ 150 to $ 500. However, these are just the cost of taking the exam. In most cases, candidates and IT professionals will consider working with external agencies to assist in preparing for the ITIL certification exam. The cost of these courses depends on which institution you are training in and ranges from $ 500 to $ 1000. However, some IT professionals prepare themselves for certification. This makes it possible to completely eliminate the cost of collaborating with external organizations.

ITIL Complementary Certification

In the ITIL Credit System, credits are awarded on a complementary course, commonly referred to as ITIL Complementary Certification, in addition to the five-level ITIL Certification. You can earn up to 6 credits by earning one or more complementary certifications.  The official website Of Axelos Has An Overview Of The ITIL Credit Program So That You Can Better Utilize The Total Credits You Have Achieved. It Also Clearly Describes Additional Certifications That You May Or May Need To Obtain Based On Your Career Preferences And Areas Of Interest.

However, you also need to be careful not to create a lot of duplication between different levels of modules. Based on the percentage of duplicates, Axelos classifies the duplicate categories into low, medium, and high categories. Candidates need to stay in the "less duplicate "zone to get the right number of credits.

ITIL補完認定 クレジット数 認定機関 概要
問題アナリスト 1.5 APMG-International インシデントと問題の未然防止への注力
ISO/IEC 20000 1.5 APMG-International ITSMでのベストプラクティスのデモと指導
BiSL 0.5 APMG-International ビジネス情報管理ドメインを確立
変更アナリスト 1.5 APMG-International 変更を評価、承認、管理する方法。
認定プロセス設計エンジニア(CPDE) 1.5 LCS ITサービスに関連する評価・導入・その他のプロセス
リーンIT 0.5 APMG-International 多様性と柔軟性を排除した価値志向のITサービスの構築
BCSスペシャリスト資格 1.5         ITIL、COBIT、ISO / IEC 20000などの幅広いITフレームワークをカバー
サービスカタログ 1.5 APMG International サービスカタログを効果的に管理し、サービスリクエスト管理を自動化
ITSMファンデーション 1 Exin & Tuev Sued ISO / IEC 20000に基づくITサービスの基本原則。プロセスの品質の改善が目標。
ASL2 1 APMG-International ISO / IEC 20000に基づくITサービスの基本原則。プロセスの品質の改善が目標。
購買ガバナンスの基本 1 APMG-International  購買および外部委託のガバナンスとそれらの適用方法
構成管理データベース 1.5 APMG-International SMDBのCIを制御、監査、報告、および検証する方法を学習。資産管理機能を強化する。

What are the nuances of ITIL certification?

At this point, you are ready for the coursework required to take the ITIL certification exam. Let's understand the finer nuances from here. When taking the exam, be sure to choose between an accredited training institution and an examination institution. A list of accredited centers And other information is available here . For those who are wondering how to connect their qualifications with their career aspirations, we also have a guide to map skills and qualifications . Before getting ITIL certification, it is important to pass at least one of the sample online ITIL exams available. However, if you want to prepare for the test on your own, you can purchase the ITIL Test Preparation Kit at a more affordable price. There is also a preparation course for only $ 59, so please take advantage of it.

In addition, Axelos also offers official Android and iOS apps.

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