Wylde hunt with Jack Wylde – Are you ready?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a fictional Freshworks employee! When you’re a fictional character, you can do a lot (you also CAN’T do a lot but let’s not go there). When I was working on my fictional laptop, I had an idea. Sysadmin day is around the corner and since I’m affectionately known as “Sysadman” amongst my peers (they’re fictional too), we decided to start a “Wylde” hunt…with me.

I’m hiding inside our website (freshservice.com) and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find me in all 10 pages. (You can take your own route, there’s no particular order). This “Wylde” hunt is time-bound as I’ll only be hiding from 27th to 31st July. I’ll go back to my fictional job from August. 

If you think I’m expecting you to go through every page to find me, you’re wrong. Come on guys, I’m fictional, not stupid! No, that would be brute-al (brute force, geddit? geddit? No? Okay.)

Here are few clues that will help you figure out where I’m hiding. Remember, Freshservice is an ITSM product and you need exhaustive ITSM knowledge to crack these clues. (No certifications needed though)

Before we get there, why should you care? What’s in it for you?

Well, here’s the best part. If you manage to find me in all 10 pages, 5 of you stand a chance to win an Amazon Echo Spot (That’s some cool tech). There are also some surprises for those who cross the halfway path!  

  1. “MISTy anagram”
  2. “Foundation. Practitioner. Intermediate. Expert. Master.”
  3. “Ooh, we did a webinar on (Veritas+Service Management)”
  4. “Which one do you love? A Bar or Pie”
  5. “HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple etc…” Inference?
  6. “When you run into “Another brick in the wall”, we don’t need this”
  7. “Watch, read, download. All for FREE!”
  8. “You don’t have to take our word for it!”
  9. “Here’s where you read about all the cool things you can do with Freshservice”
  10. “When you scroll all the way down, we let you compare ITSM! One amongst the 10 is where you should be looking”

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, I’m a fictional character and I don’t usually get a say in these things!

P.S Here’s a freebie! This is how I’d be hiding and once you find me, click! You’ll know what to do next 😉

Happy Hunting, let’s hope you have a “Wylde” one!





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