A SysAdmin’s five worst nightmares!

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween: when things go bump in the night, when everything consumable is pumpkin flavoured, when the adults dress up like a slice of pizza and the children run wild on a sugar rush. But just like any other time of the year, a SysAdmin has a completely different set of things to be worried about.

The Omen

It starts with one seemingly harmless ticket. Then, another very similar ticket. You tell yourself to calm down. That it’s just a coincidence. No need to panic and see patterns where there are none. But before you can take a breath, two tickets become twenty and there’s no denying it now. This isn’t your garden variety incident anymore. This is being caused by something far darker. You’ve got a problem in your hands. You can’t quite see it. You don’t know what it is. But you can feel it lurking right under the surface. And you know that unless you get to diagnosing that root cause right now, things could get real ugly, real soon.

The Silence of the RAMs

You wake up with cold sweats just thinking of all the assets you have to manage. Added to that, there’s all the information that goes with the assets: IP addresses, pricing, location, warranty, vendor details. There’s so much to keep track of and you live in constant fear that your CI database doesn’t have the juice to do the job. And sure enough, your phobia of losing information actually comes true. You search frantically for some information in your CMDB, but can’t find what you’re looking for. Time’s running out, everything is too scattered to make sense and you’re getting no help from your service desk software either.

Groundhog Day

You’ve had this happen at least once – you know it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. And you live in dread of that day. The network goes down or the printer stops working and before you know it, you’re answering thirty identical tickets about the exact same problem. You’re typing out the same responses and explaining the same solutions over and over again.  All the tickets seem to blur into one and somewhere along the way, “Have you tried turning it on and off?” seems to have become your extremely dull catchphrase. You can’t find any way to automate these time wasting, monotonous tasks and you’re stuck in zombie mode, simply going through the motions.

The ExorCIst

Managing your CIs feels like babysitting an unpredictable hoard of Huns. You have to keep them in perfect shape, manage their licenses, observe their health, study relationship views and you still don’t know when they’re going to revolt and bring down your entire organization. Without a good asset management module and with so many vulnerabilities, the effects of missing anything can be disastrous. And sure enough, a license expires at the wrong moment or one CI with a bug takes down every other CI it’s linked with. While you’re running around exorcising your haywire CIs and dodging projectile pea soup, all you can think is that you should’ve seen it coming.

Friday the 13th

ITSM is a full-time job. The calls keep on coming and you can’t manage them on the go because you don’t have a powerful enough mobile app for your service desk. But just because your users’ issues never go on holiday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. So you make up your mind and pack your bags. This weekend, you’re taking a break. You’re almost out the door when the phone rings. You feel a pit in your stomach. You know what this is. Sure enough, another user has a really urgent issue that needs to be fixed. So you sit yourself down, hoping fervently that you can get a refund on that hotel reservation.