How Santa Claus Achieved 100% CSAT with Freshservice

…Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do…

The whole of North Pole could hear the song through the roaring winds. It was time for a celebration at The SantaCorp. The screen displayed ‘CSAT-100%’. 

It was two months before Christmas.

Winter had come and the bleach-white snow had started its dance of joy. The SantaCorp was about to start its preparation for Christmas. 

Everyone assembled in the huge meeting room at The SantaCorp which they referred to as ‘The Cave’. The Cave was cheerful and warm with a window that faced the endless horizon of the North Pole. The scalloped round table in the middle blended with the stone walls of the room. The floors were carpeted in red and the huge painting of the smiling CEO, St. Nicholas, on the wall, radiated magnificence.

“Folks! Christmas is close. It’s time to get our plans set. But before we start, let’s have a look at how we performed last year. Please bring me the reports of last Christmas!” Santa said, combing his long majestic beard and walking up to the table.

Everyone looked at each other as they were unsure of whom he had asked to bring the reports. And suddenly a pile of papers with legs walked into The Cave. Everyone gazed at the sight in awe. Once the papers were kept on the table they realized it was Johny, the elf, carrying it.

Johny was short and chubby, dressed in green like his eyes, and with an innocent babyface. Everyone loved Johny as he was humble and had no fear of the world and that sometimes put him in awkward situations. Like a child, he loved his sugar, didn’t believe anyone was capable of acting out on evil intent and loved Christmas time more than anything.

He opened the sheets and everybody examined them. Everyone in the room noticed Santa’s face turn grumpy.

“Why is our CSAT 80%? What went wrong?” Santa fumed and everyone in the room went cold.

A few of the kids were unhappy because they didn’t receive their gifts. Letters from kids were piling and the time for production was lost in counting them. We missed a few letters in the hassle!” said Johny, with cold feet.

That’s not an excuse Johny! This is ridiculous! This shouldn’t happen again, people! What do we do?” asked Santa madly.

We need a procedure to keep track of every letter, to plan, build and ship gifts. To make sure no kid will go to sleep unhappy on the day of Christmas!” said Mrs. Claus, with her hand on Santa’s shoulder and trying to calm him down.

“Charlie has an idea, Mr. Claus,” said Johny softly.

“What is it Charlie?” asked Santa, sipping some water and trying to calm down.

Charlie, the manager of the elves, was known as the techy of The SantaCorp. He walked up to the table with a sheet of flowcharts and graphs and spread them before the team.

“This is how the corp should work. No more chaos! We make sure we look into all requests, produce all the gifts, and get them delivered by Mr. Claus with the reinds. We make sure no kid will go to sleep unhappy on the night of Christmas. Let’s make our step to the cloud! Let’s get a service desk,” said techy Charlie. 

Everyone was silent. They weren’t happy with what they heard. 

“It’s not possible, Charlie!” said Mrs. Claus, resisting Charlie’s suggestion. “The SantaCorp has a tradition. We’ve got our way of working, which we’ve been following for centuries. The need for a procedure doesn’t mean we bring in something that’s against the tradition.” 

“This is nothing against the tradition. This will just make sure the tradition doesn’t stop and goes smoothly forever. Let us give it a try.” Charlie replied.

Hours passed and none had come to a conclusion. The room was a hassle with arguments. Mr. Claus realized that a decision had to be made fast.

“Silence!” screamed Santa. 

For a moment, the room was silent. The only voice heard was the howl of the wind. After taking a deep breath, Santa started speaking.

“I understand we’ve had a tradition of doing things. But if Charlie is sure that a service desk would do the task better without breaking the tradition, let’s give it a try. But Charlie, if things don’t work out you will be held responsible.”

“Sure, Mr. Claus. I promise you won’t regret making this decision.” 

Two weeks later…

Charlie finished his presentation by saying, “And that’s how you do it… it is that simple.” 

The room was filled with excitement. The SantaCorp had made their step to the cloud and Freshservice was given the honour to help them do it. 

“That was a pretty fast and easy setup. I want you to take care of the letters from our kids,” said Santa, smiling to Mrs. Claus.  

“Pardon me, Mr. Claus. With the arrival of Freshservice, we no longer have to receive letters.”  Charlie stepped in.

Excuse me!” Santa startled. “How will the kids let us know their needs?”

Service Catalog and Conversational Portal. Tadaaaaahhhhh!!!”

“I think he’s speaking the language of techies.” Mrs. Claus whispered to Santa.

“Okay. Let me explain,” said Charlie, clearing his throat. “It is the 21st century and kids today prefer texting over writing emails or letters. The entire world is moving towards conversations.”

“Hmm… what are you getting at?” asked Santa.

“Imagine a way where every kid can chat with a computerized bot that allows them to choose their favorite gifts. If they can’t find their favorite gift, they can wish for it by sending us a message. Once we get the request, Mrs. Claus can then route it to us for production.”

“Interesting thought! But we’re not that tech-savvy!” exclaimed Mrs. Claus.

“We don’t have to be, Mrs.Claus. Technology has made things really simple for us. We can create a conversational portal and set up the service catalog with a few simple steps in Freshservice. It is as simple as texting your relatives in the South Pole”

“Hmmm! Sounds simple. What is a service…service…catalog?” asked Santa.

“Service catalog is a gallery that could hold gift items. The kids can choose their gifts by browsing the service catalog. In a typical company setup, employees use it to request hardware, software, and services. In our case, we’ll be using it for the kids to ask for their favourite toys.”

“That sounds interesting and fun for our kids. Let’s get this going, Charlie!” said Santa.

The portal was set up and ready to use. A week before Christmas and The SantaCorp was flowing with requests. But no chaos this time. The workflow was set and requests were automated for production. Everything was at ease with Freshservice.

A week of sleepless nights had passed. It was Christmas Eve. The gifts were loaded into the sleigh. Dressed in his red-white suit with thin-rimmed glasses, his beard combed and the laugh of joy practised to perfection, Santa brought joy to the howling winds. The reindeers were fueled and they went with him to give the joy of hope to the kids. Everyone back at The SantaCorp. kept track of how the deliveries went and if the kids were happy.                                                                                                                                                                               

The day finished in a blink. The morning of Christmas had arrived. The kids woke up to the gifts and jumped around in joy. Santa returned to the corp. He parked the sleigh in the shed, fetched some water for the reindeers, stretched his back, and slowly made his way inside to find no one. He looked around in surprise and realised voices were coming from The Cave. He made his way in. Everyone was waiting eagerly at the table with an enormous cake baked by Mrs. Claus. A huge screen displayed ‘CSAT- 100%’.

“Charlie!” he called. 

The moment Charlie stepped in and came close, Santa shook his hands and exclaimed, “No chaos. No wishes unfulfilled. No kids are unhappy. All smooth and sweet. Thank you, Charlie! Thank you Freshservice! You’ll have saved the tradition of The SantaCorp. Let’s have the Santa claps go.”

And they all went 1-2 123 1-2 123.

The couple cut the cake with joy. Balloons flew and crackers burst. Everyone came in “Happy” and danced in joy. The Christmas tree was lit. Mrs. Claus handed over a glass of wine to Santa as the celebrations kicked off.

“Merry Christmas everyone!” Santa walked to the window, having a sip of his wine. 

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Claus!” said Charlie.

“People making requests by having conversations with a bot. They pick and choose what they want over spending time and writing. They do it on their fingertips in a matter of clicks. No more chaos. An easier life. A faster life. An intelligent life. It’s the future. The cloud is the future! Merry Christmas! Cheers!” mumbled Santa to himself, raising his glass of wine as he gazed outside the window. 


Design Credits: Nidhi Shah