IT doesn’t back off from challenges, here’s proof

I wanted to take a break from writing morbid blogs and share a fun set of interactions I came across in an IT subreddit.
If you know an IT person, you would know that they don’t back away from challenges. Being a geek at heart myself, I’d like to think that I don’t back away from challenge as well (I played Flappy Bird for 40 hours straight) . 

I recently came across a Reddit subreddit where something interesting was happening. I saw IT people participating in a challenge that originated in the subreddit. I really enjoyed following the events and I wanted to share it with the world. Here’s how it transpired.

I couldn’t trace the set of events back further but I think everything started with this post where rebel5cum posted a picture of their masterpiece on Reddit.
There were loads of encouraging comments
People also pointed out use cases for the masterpiece
If this had been any other forum, I’m ready to bet that they’d have moved on to something. Not IT folks. I was witnessing something very interesting. 
Soon after, we got a follow up from Derplordsnuffy on the same thread.
The list of interesting use cases also grew. 
Popular demand made rebel5cum follow up with their own shorter version of the earlier master piece. 
And we still had interesting use cases coming in through the comments
The common feedback for the earlier version seemed to be that the plastic ends weren’t touching. Not the one to retreat from the challenge, rebel5cum followed up with another version quickly and declared that maximum shortness had been reached.
A bit too late but someone had to ask this question. But this has gone beyond a project for utility, it was a matter of pride for everyone participating.
We suddenly had a new entrant in the form of Arheisel and their version was instantly touted as the winner. You wouldn’t disagree when you see their work.
And looks like we have tests verified to prove that this actually works! 
But rebel5cum couldn’t be stopped on the journey as they went on to make version 4 despite the tough competition. 
There were some good feedback…
…and some really demanding ones
Only when we thought all was over, we had skewbIsBad post another breakthrough. But it seems like members of the subreddit don’t appreciate jokes during serious activity time as this post’s comment section looked exactly like version 5…empty. 
There were also so many others who participated and posted their own versions. If I had the skill set, I’m sure I would’ve participated as well. 
As a spectator, this was really interesting to me. Internet has enabled so many things and it gave IT folks a platform to‘network’like never before.