Increase the Speed of Your ITSM Implementation with Cloud

Time is money! Whether you are a small business without an IT staff, a medium-size organization that must maintain operations during the transition or an enterprise seeking to untangle years of custom processes – choosing a cloud-based solution can significantly increase the speed of your ITSM system implementation. It can save you money too!

Cloud-based ITSM solutions provide you with the complete feature-set of an enterprise-class ITSM solution without the enterprise-size price tag. Running on infrastructure scaled for service provider usage, cloud-based offerings are created for resiliency, availability and performance, according to the variety of conditions your company might encounter. You don’t have to compromise on quality and features with a cloud-based solution just because you are a smaller-sized business.

The big benefit of cloud-based ITSM offerings will be evident during implementation. A traditional on-premise ITSM implementation requires a few weeks to a few months with a sizable team before you can start using it for your production workloads. A comparable cloud-based ITSM solution can be ready to use within hours or days and requires far fewer staff to be up and running.

  • From-the-box processes pre-configured and ready to use – Most companies don’t need complex workflow customizations to support their service desk and infrastructure operations; they need a core standard set of processes with an efficient set of tools to do the job.
  • Templates and APIs to load data from spreadsheets and legacy systems – Whether it is a legacy ITSM system, asset management database or some simple spreadsheets, you probably already have a wealth of information about your IT environment to start your ITSM system. Simple integration APIs and import capabilities make leveraging this information simple.
  • Capital purchases and hardware installation delays – These slow many on-premise implementations. With cloud services, you don’t need to buy hardware now or maintain it later – the service provider does it for you.
  • A cloud-based system is pre-installed, tested and hardened for resiliency – Cloud-based offerings are tested with real-life workloads every day. Service providers are continuously tuning the configuration for peak performance and reliability.  
  • Easy-to-use provisioning capabilities for configuring workflows, organizations and user accounts – Administrative tasks are a big part of ITSM system implementation. With easy-to-use administrative tools that focus on the settings that must be configured, your admins will be more productive and you can start users on the system quickly.
  • User training available based on industry standard ITIL processes – Most IT professionals have some understanding of ITIL processes. By using standards as a starting point, training can be limited and the operational downtime to cutover to the new system minimized.

If outdated ITSM systems (or no system at all) are limiting your company’s performance, then it is worthwhile to investigate your cloud-based ITSM options. Modern cloud ITSM offerings provide you with the complete feature-set your company needs to start without the overhead of on-premise solutions. Don’t wait to give your IT operations and Service desk staff the tools they need to be successful. If you are looking for a cloud-based service desk solution, check out Freshservice!