Why you should choose Freshservice as a Jira alternative?

Yes, the title is pretty self-explanatory, but what this post is not, is a gloat. I actually have some pretty solid reasons listed out, and I intend to list it out quickly.

We respect the Jira service desk and Atlassian for what they’ve done from Australia. They’ve also constantly made us push boundaries and think out of the box, and we hope we are contributing the same way. 🙂  

But hey, you’ve got to call a spade a spade! So, I’m going to focus on the intangible aspects of choosing Freshservice as a Jira alternative.

An award-winning implementation team

We agree that IT teams come are unique and mostly tailored to fit each business need. in Irrespective of how easy-to-use the product is, teams will need time to go live with the migration from the old tool, integration with existing systems, smooth flow of data between locations, and seamless integration with existing partners.

With our award-winning implementation, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We take special care in ensuring that your go-live is as smooth as possible, with minimal to zero friction when you switch from Jira or any other tool, to Freshservice.

Here’s our team winning the “Best Implementation” award for two successive years for our implementation with NHS and Descartes! Needless to say, we’re aiming for a hat-trick next year, so stay on the lookout!


Freshservice winning the award for best implemntation at SDI awards, 2017

And some more laurels

Freshservice winning the best ITSM implementation for Power school at Help desk Insittute (HDI) awards, 2018

A support function that scales with you.

One size doesn’t fit all. As your organization and IT team grows, our support and implementation functions grow with you. Unparalleled support is something we take special pride in. In fact, most of our support agents know our customers by their first names. Yes, we take our support game very seriously.

A quick glance through G2 crowd platform stands testimony to this fact. We have over a 1 point difference in the quality of support we provide when compared to Jira service desk, for almost the same number of reviews. So when it comes to unparalleled support, you know why we’re better than Jira.



A host of features

Freshservice is built by a team that understands the pain of an IT agent. We have taken every little care in ensuring that even the smallest of aspect wrt the service desk is built with utmost care. With a host of intuitive features around

  • Collaboration like team huddle, Freshconnect, discuss.
  • Productivity and automation like workflow automation, out-of-the-box employee onboarding, gamification within the  service desk and our very own AI bot Freddy to automate repetitive tasks
  • Other functional aspects around service catalog, ITIL modules like incident, problem change and release, gamification, self-service portals, and a capability to extend service desk to other departments.
  • And endless customizations. 

Going live with a service desk without burning a hole in your pocket was never easier. All these in addition to the top-rated mobile app in the ITSM space. Compare that to Jira yourself. I rest my case!

The stamp of approval 

We’re the most loved, one of the highest reviewed service desk platform across the industry. We have over 1000 reviews across platforms like G2 crowd, Capterra, Trustradius, Trustpilot, Gartner and our own customer reviews page with a stellar rating! Compare that to Jira in every aspect, and there lies your answer in why you need to choose us over the Jira service desk!


Do you disagree with any of them? I am more than glad to correct myself if you feel I’m wrong! Nothing quite like a healthy debate around an important topic!  If not, try Freshservice, and do let us know about your experience 🙂