The State of Digital Transformation in 2018

Digital transformation is a series of small sprints that includes implementing the right technologies coupled with the right processes. This could include initiatives like implementing automations, building a knowledge base, transforming the employee onboarding experience and more. Based on the business values and needs, many organisations are undertaking digital transformation projects impacting different businesses.


A Company-Wide Endeavour

Digital Transformation does not just affect the service desk, or even just IT; it affects the whole organisation. Therefore, it is important for all aspects of a business to work holistically to understand how Digital Transformation can benefit them and help their business to evolve and become more efficient, as well as provide new ways to support business customers and ultimately provide a better customer experience. The involvement of the business in decision making and budgets allocation will deliver necessary insights into Digital Transformation within IT and the organisation as a whole.


SDI released the results of a new survey highlighting the state of digital transformation in 2018

Between March and April 2018, a Digital Transformation survey was sent to a wide variety of service desk professionals, from both public and private sector IT teams and a large range of organisation sizes. This survey explores the motivations for undertaking DX initiatives, the major areas of transformation and the key benefits businesses have realised from these efforts.

Here are few insights from this report :



For more such insights from the survey, read SDI’s Digital transformation in 2018 report.