InfinIT War – What if your heroes worked in ITSM?

“There was an idea.

To bring together a group of ITSM people to watch all the Avengers movies.

To see if it can become something more.

So when the time comes, we could create something awesome that no one ever could”

A bunch of us at Freshservice decided to watch the first Avengers movie one weekend. The idea was to get ready for the #InfinityWar release weekend!

So we got together, ordered pizza and started watching the movie. While we were watching Hulk beat up Loki inside the Stark towers, one of us said “Hey, imagine if Hulk was an IT agent!” and that’s where it began…

Over the next few days, we couldn’t stop relating scenes from the Avengers movies to Freshservice & ITSM. What began as a movie weekend snowballed into a creative project.

On the day of the movie release, we’re bringing together a few comics we created. This blog is our way of acknowledging the awesome IT Superheroes around the world!

In no particular order, check out these awesome comics from our team and share the ones you liked!

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Oh and also, Deadpool wanted to make an appearance in the blog…we couldn’t turn him down.

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