Elevating the Employee Experience – The Role of ITSM

Mind the gap

Your employees enjoy great digital experiences in their personal life. They make one-touch bank transactions, book a cab and easily order lunch on their mobile phone. Unfortunately such seamless experiences don’t exist in the workplace. Clunky software, disjointed processes and slow service delivery are common employee frustrations. There is digital divide in the experiences people have as consumers and as employees.


What can your IT team do to make work simple and enjoyable for your employees?

  • Adopt the right tools and systems

IT teams should bring in the right tools and technologies to address employee and business needs. These tools should help, not hinder, employees in getting their work done. Whether it’s implementing a content management system or an expense management tool, IT can improve day-to-day employee experiences with modern technologies.

  • Leverage your IT service desk

Your IT service desk is a Swiss Army knife that can come to the rescue of employees in the moments that matter. Your IT service desk can help employees receive timely service, ensure easy access to IT resources, empower employees with information and improve organizational productivity. These small, happy interactions can go a long way in delivering a great workplace experience.

  • Automate, Automate, Automate

Automations at work can make work simple for your employees. Automating sign-ins using Single-Sign-on, approvals, form filling etc. make systems easier to use and eliminate manual, repetitive tasks. This frees up your team to focus on meaningful and fulfilling work. The IT team should include the right automations into every business process across the employee journey to create seamless workplace experiences.


The future of work

Transforming the employee experience is a priority for most enterprises today. Understanding the millennial workforce and addressing the changing nature of work is essential for organisations to survive and thrive. The future of work will revolve around better collaboration, meaningful use of data and consumer-grade employee experiences. To help you raise the bar on employee experience at your organisation, we’ve put together this whitepaper on Raising the bar for employee experience: An IT service desk perspective.