We Can’t “Stress” This Enough [Infographic]

We’ve talked repeatedly and insistently about why IT folks should not underestimate the adverse effects of ignoring their health. Their job is spontaneous in its demands and comes with irregular work hours, making it highly stressful. Most professionals, however, have accepted this occupational hazard that comes with being in IT.

But IT folks need to take a break, and need to incorporate fitness into their daily routines.

So, we at Freshworks initiated the #KeepITfit movement, in order to raise awareness about this health issue among IT professionals. We wanted them to sit up, straighten their backs, adjust their headsets, and take their health seriously.

The conversation began and hasn’t stopped. The #KeepITfit wave swept across the ITSM industry. People not only took notice, but also incorporated fitness into their daily lives, and urged others to follow suit.
The results of the movement have been overwhelming and humbling.

We conducted an independent study in order to understand why 81% of IT folks are stressed. Here are the results:


Infographic by Srinivasan

Cover Animation by Sree Hari