All Features ITSM CAB Huddle

Schedule Your CAB Meetings in the Change Calendar

Kick start your CAB planning by scheduling the meeting in the change calendar and add your CAB attendees.

cab1 cab1

Filter, Organize & Prioritize Changes

No need to go through all the changes and add them to your list. Easily filter all the changes reorder them to prioritize and add more colour to these changes by adding comments against each change. 

change filters change filters

Keep Your Stakeholders Informed With an Agenda

Save yourself the hassle  of keying in the agenda and other details of the meeting. With all the details of the CAB meetings in place, your email will be readily filled with the agenda. All you need to do is review and proceed.

agenda agenda

Run CAB Meetings and Get Changes Approved Right Away

Make it easy for the presenter and the stakeholders by running the CAB meeting right inside Freshservice. This will automatically take you through the changes to be discussed. Add comments right when you’re running the meeting. Send an automatic MOM after the presentation.

preso preso