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Assign and classify tickets with intelligent automation

Auto-assign and escalate tickets to the right agents or groups, automatically prioritize tickets based on impact and urgency, map relationships to dependencies, and schedule recurring tasks as tickets using the Dispatch’r feature.

Pre-define trigger conditions to even send automatic notifications and alerts to keep everyone in the loop.

Automate problems, changes, and releases

Define your own trigger rules with Scenario Automation and Observer to perform tasks and actions as necessary across modules – be it incident, problem, change, or release.

Manage SLA violations with automation

Escalate tickets automatically or send notifications about SLA breaches by pre-defining automation rules to suit your ticket priorities.

Gain visibility into your service delivery by keeping track of your performance against SLAs.

Auto-assign requests and send for approvals

Automate agent assignment for requests and create your own approval workflows to fulfil requests on time.

Automate the entire approval workflow across modules in the service desk so no change or event is missed.

Monitor all events in the service desk

With Supervisor, an automation feature, create your own set of rules to monitor all the tickets in the service desk.

Follow up on issues like pending responses and escalates overdue tickets, among others, and run every hour to clear bottlenecks.