The State of the Service Desk: A Refreshing Customer Perspective to ITSM

When we first dabbled with the concept of a customer-centric report, some of the questions that kept surfacing at each milestone of the ideation process was how do we, as a company, build a narrative that corroborates:

  • The evolution of ITSM today, as an industry, that’s transforming the way businesses are run
  • The most productive trends in ITSM that are prevalent across industries
  • Some of the grand challenges faced by IT executives and IT organizations
  • The ground-level perspective of IT support staff and the impact they drive

Service desks today have helped the IT organization evolve from a cost center to an innovation catalyst and revenue driver, thereby becoming one of the top priorities for CIOs to constantly challenge status quo and drive efficiency at each touchpoint.

We also noticed from our understanding of the data sets, a common theme began to emerge at the crossroads where the IT organization, Freshservice and the end user (in this case, the employees of an organization) met. We also weren’t surprised that we built Freshservice with the same founding principles as where the crossroad meet, reaffirming that great employee experience, in turn, drives great customer experience.

Freshservice powers the service desks of 13,000+ global customers on a daily basis, across industries and, although building a narrative that encompasses the above was a challenging task, to begin with, we weren’t limited by data and actionable intelligence, which were key drivers in making this report possible.

This first version of The State of the Service Desk (SOSD) report leverages this data to share our perspective on how service desks today are:

  • Doing more with less and becoming nimble yet keeping pace with ever-increasing business demands
  • Actively seeking new methods to analyze, learn and develop proactive workflows to deal with incidents and,
  • Adopting new feature sets, developing efficient automation techniques to drive down dependency and increase productivity

The State of Service Desk report is entirely based on Freshservice customers, and the statistics are based on an independent survey conducted with 12,000 service desks across the world, from January 2016 to December 2016. The data, insights, and interviews help understand how the service management community can learn from the best and make simple changes that can create a lasting positive impact on employee experiences.

We will continue to highlight these trends, insights and growth drivers which are impacting IT organizations globally and how ITSM is evolving to drive great employee experiences to the next level.

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