The ultimate cheat sheet to a mobile service desk

IT Service Management is a full-time job. There’s no getting around that. Your users’ issues never go on holiday. Newer ones are always around the corner and as a service desk agent, you’re the lifeline your users reach for when something’s wrong. Which means you, of all people, can’t afford to be unavailable at any point.

Nevertheless, it just isn’t practical that you be shackled to your desk for eternity. With responsibilities like yours, you just have to be able to help your users on the go.

Which means taking your service desk mobile, should be on the top of your to-do list.

However, any hesitance is understandable. ITSM is a complex enough process on your workstation; trying to do all that on a tiny mobile interface with half the usual features would faze the best of us.  And finding a mobile app with enough functionality to handle your heavy workload might seem next to impossible.

But you don’t have to let the same old misconceptions blind you to all the pros of a really good mobile service desk. It is possible to have the best of both worlds: to enjoy mobility without compromising on the quality. You just have to know exactly what to look for.

Perform all possible actions on tickets from your mobile

Seriously. You shouldn’t settle for anything less. You should be able to create new tickets, respond to them, add private notes to them, assign and forward them to other agents, prioritize and delete them, all without batting an eyelid. Just being able to effortlessly perform these actions on the go takes care of half the job.

Insert links & canned responses

A mobile service desk should make things easier for you. Not harder. Which is why you should look for some automation in your mobile app. Especially when it comes to typing out long-winded solutions to every ticket you receive. When responding to tickets, you should be able to create easy-to-dispatch message templates, link solutions from your existing database and attach files directly from your device.

An intuitive, super-user-friendly UI

Yes. Mobile service desks that are filled with gritty, efficient features and have an amazing UI, do exist. They’re not the unicorns they’ve been made out to be. An amazing UI can make a quick and easy job of scanning your list of tickets, users, and solutions for particular keywords. It can give you an instant overview of your help desk with a summary of your open, unassigned, overdue and on hold tickets. The quality of the UI on a mobile device is even more important than it is on your PC at work; with the limited display, the UI on your mobile app should be near perfect.

A whole service desk in your hand

When you bring home your mobile service desk app, you should be bringing home a lean, mean ITIL powered machine that can help you take care of everything from everyday tickets, escalating problems and haywire assets, to full-fledged change and release management. It needs to help you save time and boost productivity with around the clock customer satisfaction.

Now that you know the mobile service desk of your dreams is out there, what are you waiting for? Save time, multitask, provide assistance wherever you are, keep your customers happy and make things easier. Get out there and go mobile!