The one question we kept getting at SITS ’14

We had a rather delightful time at SITS 14’ this year, the event acting as a great platform to display Freshservice to the world. We drew an overwhelmingly involved audience to our booth, and our idea of taking the boring out of IT resonated deeply with our fellow practitioners. And a constant stream of professionals came in just to look at our gamification engine – the Freshservice Arcade.

Our belief in our product and its value was more than validated; Freshservice is an idea whose time has come.

The Question

Almost every single person who walked into our booth asked us this  – “How are you increasing Service Desk efficiency by 300%? We’ve tried and failed, and really want to know how.”

The question was prompted by the presentation our CEO Girish has given earlier in the day, which seemed to have struck a rather sensitive chord in the audience.

Since, a lot of people have been asking us for the slides, here you go :

Motivating a 300% Increase In Service Desk Efficiency using Freshservice IT Service Desk from Freshservice

The Answer

So yes, how, indeed, do you increase service desk efficiency threefold?

By making them enjoy what they do.

The most common complaint among IT admins and teams is that support is a draining, rather boring endeavour at the best of times. Add that to long work hours & stress and you have a perfect plotline for a disaster movie.

Which draws us to the simple conclusion that IT staff need to be having more fun.


Which is why we built the Freshservice Arcade, and transformed the service desk into a game that agents could play and compete in. We channeled in elements from the PlayStations and XBoxes that our IT and support staff seemed to be partial towards, and created a system that incentivizes them to do more, and what’s more, to enjoy doing it.

Every ticket earns points for agents and the leaderboard will reflect who has been doing what. It also makes it easier for Admins to figure out agent performance and related metrics. Agents can win badges, go on Quests to complete specific tasks and basically revel in the competition of it all!

Our own agents enjoy it enough to compare points and badges every few tickets; it has transformed the way the support works in our organization.

We think  Freshservice will change things in your company too. To try Freshservice free for 30 days, click here.