Insert Solution

Suggested solutions right inside your ticket

Make your trouble ticketing simpler to resolve with our Insert Solution feature. Save the time spent on troubleshooting with a robust in-built productivity process, to help you while replying and adding notes to the raised ticket.

In normal times, you would possibly scan through your Knowledge Base to check if such issue has arisen before. With Freshservice it remains the same, with just a twist, building your service desk smarter and user-friendly. Get rid of the manual process and just like Google offers you auto-suggest, we provide the agents with suggested solutions to help customers.

Insert link or content to your tickets with the help of suggested solutions

Automate Smart Suggestions

Save time spent on typing or finding replies to the queries when your smart service desk can do the same. Find possible ‘smart suggestions’ automatically provided right inside the raised ticket. Just click on the insert solution and find all the suggestion solutions existing in your corresponding Knowledge Base.

Insert Suggestions to the ticket reply

Why spend extra hours typing replies to the common queries when your service desk takes care of it in the most efficient manner possible. Choose the most apt response from the provided suggestions. Insert the link or the content of the Knowledge Base article itself directly into your reply. The entire content or link to the corresponding article gets added to the ticket reply.

Search Solutions for reply tickets

You don’t have rely only on the suggested solutions and panic when you think there’s some other article that you are seeking. If you aren’t satisfied with the offered suggested solutions, you can also search them using keywords. Freshservice with its smart help desk productivity features tackle your never ending workload and save some of your precious time for some other important task demanding your attention.

Service desk automation ease your workload