Service Desk Automation

Service Desk, Automated!

Rid yourself of mundane tasks

Because your time should be only spent supporting

The most productive part of the day shouldn't be spent assigning, categorizing or prioritizing tickets. In fact, any part of the day shouldn't be spent doing them. Freshservice completely automates all the tasks that take time and effort away from serving customers.

With Freshservice's array of automating features, you don't have to do anything except supporting your customers. It shouldn't be any other way, right?  

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Let tickets assign, prioritize and categorize themselves

Say hello to the Dispatch’r. It is the Admin's best friend. The Dispatch’r automatically categorizes each ticket, prioritizes the ones that need to be prioritized, and assigns it to the right agent or support group within your team. The Dispatch'r has a reputation of being extraordinarily clean and efficient. Which means that agents have tickets categorized, assigned and prioritized even before they log in!

Assign, prioritze and categorize your tickets with Freshervice Dispatch'r

Make sure your Service Desk doesn't miss anything

Each morning, support agents spend some time combing through their old tickets and conversations; it's standard procedure - they can't afford to let conversations and tickets fall through. Introducing the Supervisor - it'll take care of these for you. Running around your service desk once every hour, it looks for tickets with matching conditions, making sure that you miss nothing. The Supervisor can send notifications, manage ticket statuses and prevent customer frustration.

Get rid of your mundane tasks with Freshservice Supervisor

Trigger specific actions for important events

You know when you are waiting for a reply from that important user? We understand, we have also stayed up, bleary eyed, at our Service Desk because we couldn't afford to drop the ball. And that is why we built the Observer - to keep watch 24X7 on everything happening in the service desk, and inform you when you need to know. So when you receive a bad customer satisfaction rating or when a ticket is reopened, you can send yourself a notification, and rest assured that you'll never miss it.

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Really, just use our Canned Responses

Don't write the same replies over and over again. Or copy paste them from a word doc. Just. Don't. Use our Canned Responses, with pre-formatted replies and placeholders for dynamic content; the answer, customized and beautiful, is just a click away. 

Have a look at our Canned Repsonse

Drag & drop answers from your Knowledge Base

When answering tough tickets, sifting through the Knowledge Base is a given. Just that with Freshservice's Smart Suggestions, the answers will pop up right next to your ticket, and all you have to do is drag and drop them right into your reply. As we said, everything's automatic.

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