What’s IT service catalog software?

Does your workplace get chaotic with too many responsibilities and overflowing requests? The only way out of this problem is through an ‘end-to-end’ service for your business. Freshservice’s service catalog software does exactly that – it lets an organization offer an exhaustive list of information and services to its customers and employees. Which means you no longer have to worry about getting the new joined started, or run out of supplies, or even reach out to IT support to simply get a spare laptop. The smart service desk takes care of it all. 

Service catalog management for operations

Ensure accuracy of information, minimize errors, and enhance productivity with the automated service fulfilment process. Track and be notified of all your IT assets, create a proper workflow for changes and approvals within multiple teams. Leverage vendor management and product catalog to keep track of available items, and order requisites for the company. Do away with redundant processes take care of deliveries with just a few clicks.

Amazing end-user experience

Freshservice’s IT service catalog is more than a shopping cart experience but just as easy – it’s user-friendly, and lets you log issues and get access to services independently. Simply select a service category, choose what you need, view details of the product, and order the quantity. You get more insight into its demand and costs, and agents get instant notifications about the request so they can automate appropriate actions. Log in to the portal and the users are good to get started. The users can even request on behalf of someone else.

What does the service catalog software deliver?

Imagine loss of a day’s work just because someone didn’t know how to reach you or because by the time an issue came to your notice, significant time had been wasted. You can eliminate this with Freshservice's service catalog. Simply offer services that your users need, and they can have their pick without any complex processes involved. From onboarding to IT needs, easily offer and receive services, and quit juggling between emails and meetings within departments. Save your time and energy with Freshservice.

Benefits of Freshservice service catalog management:
  • Improves communication and relationship between IT and its users
  • Effective communication across multiple departments and support
  • Easier to allocate funds and plan purchases for specific business units
  • Better understanding of business requirements, issues, and challenges
  • Reduce overhead costs and redundant processes
  • Users can submit service requests from anywhere, anytime on web or mobile
  • Ensures SLAs are met
  • Improves workflow and approval processes