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Supporting your users shouldn't be complicated

Ticketing should be easy and effective

All you need is a ticketing system for the business so users can raise tickets, and agents can resolve it. While it sounds pretty basic, it's still pretty hard to find the perfect tool that covers your needs. 

Freshservice's IT help desk ticketing system is one of the best, and provides an absolutely simple and intuitive experience while you run your operations. The service desk solution that you probably waited a long time for will give your agents what they need – smart, automated ticketing system that doesn't need to be constantly watched over. 

Why not a ticketing tool that "also-ran"

Because those days are now over. Any random ticketing system won't help improve your service delivery. Your agents will remain stony-faced and uninspired, and your help desk will snore away through an endless afternoon. 

Why would you want that when you can use the state of the art IT help desk ticketing system in vogue, at a price that will keep your pockets bountiful as well. There is no reason why you should be using any other system.

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You need a ticketing system like Rambo

Why a gunslinging rebel war veteran, you ask? Well, because raw power, discipline & a penchant for the extra-impossible mission, that's why! Freshservice's powerful ticketing system is built like Stallone, all muscle and cold blooded efficiency, so that no ticket slips through the gaps. Every complaint can be converted into a ticket that can be updated, observed by others on your team, and resolved, keeping the user in the loop all the time.

Freshservice is ticketing done right.

Raise your efficiency with smart automation

Now that Rambo is on the rampage, how do you make sure he gets more out of his limited arsenal (in your case, time, of course)? The answer is automation. And Freshservice has an entire range of options for you. With the Dispatch'r, the Supervisor and the Scenario Automation features, the Rambo in you gets to focus on the bigger picture, while the mundane details are looked after by your service desk automation. 

Freshservice service desk automation for your IT help desk 

Knowledge – when you need it and not a second later

Your knowledge base contains all the information accumulated over your hundreds and thousands of hours of customer support. It is the repository of your experience, your data vault. It alone contains all your insights, your best practices, your quick fixes, your canned responses, everything. Your ticketing system should help you build and strengthen a knowledge base that is everything you need it to be.

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Unleash your agents

Freshservice was born with the idea of taking the boring out of IT, and that is exactly what the Arcade is going to do for your agents. With integrated game mechanics, they can compete with each other on a whole lot of different metrics, go on quests to fulfill short term goals, win badges and titles for their extraordinary performances, and on the whole, give a whole lot of reasons for their Admin to give them a raise.

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What makes Freshservice the perfect IT help desk ticketing system

Freshservice's ticketing system was built for agent productivity, engagement, and ease of use from the ground up. Usability has been our top priority, and we continue to make our ticketing sytem robust and as powerful as could be. Nothing will slip through gaps, every user query will find its way to you; all you have to do is sit back and do what you do best.

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