ITIL CMDB Software

Configure items to your service desk smoothly


Not just any CMDB software, Freshservice adds more value to it

Configuration management database (CMDB) is the data warehouse of IT organizations, managing collection of IT assets, also known as Configuration items (CI). Now store all your CIs and start tracking them as your organization keeps growing. Freshservice ITIL CMDB software defines, understand the relationship and dependencies between various assets. It’s an effective tool, encouraging you to analyze the root cause of reported incidents and be proactive in case of any change planning.

Automate and import data

No longer worry about manually entering your configuration items. Freshservice discovery probe lets you automatically scan your assets. Import your assets, software products and catalog items directly to the CMDB in a jiffy without any complexities. Have all the CIs related information stored at one place and easy to access.

Quicker Incident or service request resolution time

Resolve the incident or service request at a faster pace with the existing CMDB tools. Reduce risks associated with problems, changes or releases based on configuration items life-cycle and relationships. Find each of the items relationship, requests and expenses at one place. Always be in the know-how of what’s happening with your inventory status.

Keep tab of different component right through your CMDB software
Tackle your assets efficiently updating the CMDB with all the required and interlinked details

Identifying impact using Relationship Map

Save time and cost spent on recording data and analysis of all the CIs. Freshservice relationship component gives you elaborate idea about the impact and dependencies between all the configurations. Your organization can take a sound decision right through your service desk software; without even switching through different tabs.

Predicting Business CIs change impact

Need to change a router but don’t know how it would impact your business? Freshservice CMDB provides you with all the CIs in your network and their relationship dependencies. Find out how many servers are connected to the routers and think about a roundabout and minimize the risks. Smooth working, isn’t it?

In short Freshservice CMDB software offers to:
  • Keep track of IT assets and configurations.
  • Add new assets and Maintenance of CIs.
  • Effective Root Cause analysis.
  • Analyze the relationship and dependencies between different components.
  • Complete control over every service life-cycle.
  • Ensure stability for all your components and services.
  • Store configuration details on cloud and avoid duplication.
  • Minimizes IT risk with better understanding of the impacts.
  • Automate your tasks, save time and reduce the costs.

Know in-depth about how CMDB helps in understanding relationship between these components & track their cofigurations: