All Features IT Assets Management Inventory Management

A single repository to track all your assets

With an extensive record of information about all the assets in stock or in use within the organization, get visibility into all asset data and its history. Understand who owns the asset currently and its prior details, and make decisions about the asset’s stock replenishment based on availability or capacity.

Foresee potential threats and ensure no assets go missing again with a proper record of all your assets, and always be audit-ready.

Evaluate value of assets

Get insights into the value of all your assets throughout its lifecycle, and make informed decisions around expenses for assets.

Leverage the information to plan budgets for multiple teams, and evaluate the organization’s spendings on IT as well as non-IT assets.

Monitor purchases across teams

With an accurate portfolio of asset data in the single system of your service desk, track and monitor all purchases made across teams and departments.

Identify spending trends and make decisions around wasted resources. Keep track of asset costs with up-to-date information about all assets in the organization.