IT Vendor Management software is similar to an advanced version of the contact list on your mobile phone for your service desk\\\\. Isn’t it simpler to have everything from A-Z you require for your business in one place, exactly like the contacts on your phone?

This is exactly what Freshservice IT help desk software does for you, letting you manage your products and vendors alongside with your service desk. Tackle your IT asset management software efficiently with a detailed history of your vendors and the products associated with them, along with descriptions and contact information. This lets you manage your IT operation better with all your CMDB and flooding service requests. Check out prices, warranty and address beside your product, right under the vendor umbrella.

Freshservice IT Vendor Management Software Benefits

• Interlinking of vendors with the product catalogue.

• Easier access to all basic information of your assets.

• Quicker vendor contact for troubleshooting and fixing service issues.

• Link vendors to the assets and find every details right away.

• Compare different vendors’ products easily.

• Reduce operational costs.

• Easy to add new vendors and products.

• Improve SLA and service quality.

• Manage more vendors with the automated system.

Manage your products and vendors alongside your service desk

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