Software Scanning Tool

Easily scan, discover & track everything in your network

Enterprise organization deals with large number of assets and configurations items. This makes it difficult to maintain the inventories. You can manage your service desk only when they are accounted for and is available in your CMDB. No more worrying about individual computers, routers and other complex software discovered, updated and tracked through your IT Asset management software. Now you can scan, your devices and networks to get the entire list of items your organisation is dealing with. Freshservice software scanning tool makes all these tasks easier and user-friendly.

Discovery probe

Scan your software devices and network for assets without any hiccup with Freshsevice discovery probe. It scans workstations, laptops, network routers, printers..etc that have been configured to be a part of your network. Add them to the CMDB inside your service desk and update the existing software and add the new configuration to your inventory. You can schedule asset discovery to run periodically to keep your list of assets up to date. For authentication purposes, the probe accepts both global credentials and local credentials that are specific to each computer. You can also include multiple domains and IP ranges in the scanning by specifying them manually.

Scan all your devices and networks for assets and add them to the CMDB
Software scanning tool to manage all your assets and have details of the configuration items type
Configuration Items and Types

Freshservice software scanning tool lets maintain your repository of assets by creating a structure of configuration types in your service desk. You can create top level CI Types for both hardware and software assets, add child types under them, and have several items mapped individually. When you open a configuration item, you can find out whether it is currently used, its business impact and the employee assigned to in your team. In addition you will also be able to pull out specifications, relationship details etc about the asset without switching between different pages.

Automate your scans

You can manually update every time you add a new software. But how will you manage when the number increases? Simple, automate your software scanning tools and get updated to your service desk within a few clicks.

Schedule your scans

Worried about missing some of the software updates? Why not have a smart service desk like Freshservice to tackle this problem. All you need to do is schedule periodic scans and get all configurations updated to your CMDB. Each time the network is scanned, it's smart to evaluate and send only the changes from the previous scan.

Scan your network

Have a large IT based organization and don't know how to manage all your assets? Scan all the devices in your network. You have the option of scanning the entire network again, which might get time consuming or scan only that specific device and add it to your assets. If remote network and locations is your concern, Freshservice discovery probe plays a critical role here. It allows you to scan and track all the assets in your service desk database.

Automate and schedule periodic scans to make sure you miss not a single device in your network
Track different relationships between the available assets with ease
Track relationship dependencies

Have the ease to track different relationship between the available assets. Establish parent/child relationships based on their dependencies with each other like connection, usage and impact. It gets simpler to assess and analyse the impact each software have on each other. Define asset types, status, locations, manufacturers and models, vendor, warranty and lease period all at one place.

Contract Management Software

Why stop your service desk with just scanning for the softwares, when you can go a step ahead anytime. Start tracking contracts for different types of assets and software licenses. Set up a reminder and notify the agents right before the contract expires.

Set reminder and notification for all the scanned softwares licenses expiry date