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Why do you need IT Product Catalogue Software

It’s difficult to keep track of all your CI’s and assets, not to mention the disparate details about them. What if you need some additional details about one of your assets or have to reevaluate additional expenses, for example, are you ready to dig through all of your old receipts or files for that information? To put it mildly, it is time consuming, and failing to make use of a product catalogue management is nothing less than a crime.

Freshservice Product Catalogue software helps in tackling the IT asset management software and products that you are currently using in your organization service desk. You can manage all your hardware units and software applications from a centralized system. Create a CI category and assign them for multiple product types. Link single or multiple vendor catalogue items to your product catalogue and ease your workload. Find out all the related information about your product right through the catalogue without requiring to switch tabs or servers.

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