Discovery Probe

Scan and track your assets through cloud


What is Freshservice Discovery Probe

The Freshservice Discovery Probe keep track of your assets right on cloud and adds them to your CMDB in your service desk. You can be working right through your office, remote or even on your mobile and still stay connected. Reduce the complexity of your organization and save time spent on scanning and configuring to discover the assets. Install the agents on your Windows, Mac or Linux machines in your organization easily. Different types of settings like opening ports, DCOM, switching off firewalls etc. does not obstruct or impact scanning or the assets discoverability. The assets can be scanned and discovered as long as the agent is connected to the internet.

Get the inventory of every asset on your network independent of their location. The agent method saves time spent on configuring to discover assets. The discovery agent keeps scanning for any new information or software every thirty minutes. That’s not it, every 12 hours it updates with any new version added. Every time the network is scanned, it understands the existing and previous changes, and updates the data based on it.  

How Discovery Agent works?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is install the agent on all your machines. Once the agents are installed on your machines, it will collect all the machines’ details without requiring any further authentication. The details are sent to your CMDB, and help you keep track of your assets better in the long run.

Dynamic discovery:  Every time the agent finds any change in its host machines, it updates the data on the server. Keep up-to-date with your CMDB so that nothing is amiss.

Periodic discovery: A weekly update is sent to the server to update the assets record, irrespective of the fact whether changes were made to the asset or not.

Auto upgrade: Worried about upgrading the agent every time a new version is out? We’ve taken care of it with our automatic upgrade system.

You can have agents installed in different operating system.

Mac: Directly install the Mac agent by typical installation wizard. You can download the Agent installer from Freshservice Probe and install it on multiple Mac devices by using the Remote Install Tool.

Windows: You can directly install Windows agent with installation wizard and use Group Policy Object (GPO) to remotely install it on all the machines in a domain.

Linux: Linux agents can only be installed on machines directly by running the script.

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