Say Hello to Asset Reports in Freshservice

“Reporting is the bane of the service desk.”

Well, all that is changing. We understand that when you’re in IT service management, numbers speak louder than words when you need to demonstrate the value of your services. By letting you identify problems and take informed decisions, reports enable organizations to drive efficiency and improve its service delivery. Following the release of Change Reports, we’ve been busy creating asset reporting capabilities to make work easy for asset managers.

You already know that Freshservice’s IT asset management lets you track hardware, software, and contracts easily throughout its lifecycle. And now, from keeping you updated about an asset’s current status to letting you know about an asset associated with incidents, here’s how you can do it with Freshservice’s asset reports.

Take control of your assets

Stay on top of your organization’s assets and plan your investments with our out-of-the-box reports that has real-time count of CIs – listed by software, hardware, or any other CI type. Added to that, after every new purchase, you get to update its vendor and ownership reports so you can easily trace recent buys. Unknown Stay on top of renewals and purchases

Planning renewal of assets is yet another tedious process for the typical asset manager, but not anymore. With access to reports tracking your assets’ upcoming warranty or license expirations, easily devise renewals and purchases well in advance.

Identify assets causing issues

Leverage our default report to easily identify troubled or distressed assets, keep tab of the associated incidents and problems, and track its level of impact. Review the report’s data, make quick decisions, and mitigate potential risks of any incident linked to an asset.

Generate, customize, and share reports

Creating a report manually can be time-consuming, if not tedious. With Freshservice’s simple and modern UI, create asset reports or generate default ones with all the data you need. Filter the relevant data, take a look at its preview as you’re building it, and generate the report in a format of your choice – tabular, bar chart, or even graphical. When you’re ready to share it, simply choose whether you want to send it as xls or pdf files, and review the performance of assets as you keep everyone in the loop.

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1Overview of Freshservice’s custom asset reports:

  • Easily track the asset lifecycle, from acquisition to expiration
  • Generate standard reports by state, vendor, location, product, and impact
  • Plan asset allocation and purchase better
  • Build your own report based on your business needs
  • Keep real-time count of all your assets

Let us know how you like building your reports. If you would like to know more about how it works, check out the solution article or tag us at

P.S. The gift doesn’t stop giving. Forget remembering to run reports on time – soon, you’ll be able to automatically run and schedule reports. Also, since you asked for it, we’re bringing custom ticket reports your way too. You’re welcome.