IT Asset Management – Going beyond basic inventory records

There comes a point in every growing organization’s life when the number of assets will outnumber any sort of rudimentary organization and classification. Reminiscing about the time when a zero-frills internet connection and a few computers were the only assets the organization owned may fill a workday evening with nostalgia, but will do precious little to get your IT asset management in order.

This is where a user-friendly IT asset management module in your service desk will not only help, but will almost automatically get your things in order immediately.

This post is not about that, though.

This post is about what you do after you’ve got your IT asset management firmly in place and working brilliantly well. When the basics are in place, you’ve got to build on that, haven’t you? Artists have to continuously learn new skills to remain relevant in a changing world. How do you do the equivalent of that in your service desk?

It’s the more interesting question to answer; optimizing and streamlining processes to raise the level of innovation and efficiency.

Know how a lack of asset management can affect your organization in this slide deck.

Here are some ways in which your service desk can go above and beyond plain inventory management:

Tie everything together in your CMDB

What will happen if you do that? For one, you will be able to analyze impact before planning something with an asset. This ensures that you know who will be affected during outages or whose maintenance has to be scheduled first and so on. All this data is a goldmine of information for that IT Admin who wants to stay on top of things. By keeping  himself and the team informed of everything that will help them do their job better, the IT Admin can ensure a smooth, in-control workplace.

Have all the information you need in a single view

What if a single view could have all the information the IT Admins need so that he could make informed decisions faster than he ever could? This is a fairly new advancement in this domain, where UI makes sure that Admins are on top of all the information about particular assets and CI’s so they don’t need to go to different places to find and collate related information. The time & effort saved can help identify and solve issues faster.

Let your assets add themselves automatically

Each time you add a new workstation to the network, getting the specifics into the network shouldn’t be a tedious job that you have to do manually. Asset discovery should be automatic; like in Freshservice, where the Discovery Probe discovers and updates assets automatically. Forms belong to Victorian England, don’t they?

Auto-schedule scans, updates and tasks

In asset management, sometimes the maintenance part gets sidelined. When to run scans, when a certain software has to be updated, when maintenance has to be scheduled: these are some of the routine things a service desk has to keep doing over and over again.  The point here is that you shouldn’t be going and doing them. Your service desk should be able to do it with automatic scans and accurate prompts.

Calculate and know exact values of assets

As an IT Admin, it helps immensely if you know the exact value of the assets you have in your inventory. Just that asset value is sometimes calculated by different methods and depreciation has to be taken into account as well. Your service desk should be able to provide you these numbers at a glance, giving you an advantage when you need to do some quick thinking when you update or retire assets.

If you have any methods or favourite features of your own that you use to go beyond basic inventory management, do share in the comments below.