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Everything you need to take control of your IT assets

Everything you need to take control of your IT assets

Inventory Management

Ensure operational continuity with full visibility into the IT & non-IT assets in stock or in use. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items, evaluate their values, and plan purchases with up-to-date information of all assets.


Maintain a complete repository of all the assets in the organization with in-depth visibility into how they are connected to each other. Easily identify critical assets, and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.

Asset Auto-discovery

Identify all the assets used within your organization using the Discovery Agent to manage computers, and Discovery Probe to scan for all assets within your network.

Asset auto discovery feature in Freshservice
Asset Life cycle Management

Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases - be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Get a timeline of all events, at a glance, in your web-based help desk solution

Asset life cycle management feature in Freshservice

Track IT assets efficiently and enhance your service delivery

Workflow automator

Set up simple automation functions in your online IT asset management tool as well as leverage the built-in capabilities to handle all your manual efforts.

Reporting & Analytics

Identify bottlenecks, make informed decisions, monitor the cloud based ITIL asset management solution performance, and improve service delivery with predefined and custom reporting capabilities.

Contract management

Plan license purchases and detect contract infringements proactively with timely notifications. Speed up contract renewals easily by leveraging automated approval workflows

Additional features you’ll love in Freshservice


 Enable enterprise-grade integrations with a marketplace approach built on an open and secure platform

Patch Management

Stay on top of asset health with automated patch management using Automox


Scan assets on the go with the barcode scanners on the Freshservice mobile app

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For all your IT Asset Management needs

For all your IT Asset Management needs

Deliver Hassle-free service

Focus on work that affects your bottom line and automate your processes. Get started instantly with a modern, intuitive UI that requires no training manuals.

Manage assets from a single pane

Remove manual labor in provisioning, tracking and managing assets. Increase operational efficiency by tracking assets from a single pane.

Reach users where they are

Provide exceptional service with fast, accurate and reliable IT support to users across multiple channels like email, self-service portal, phone, and chat.

Make informed decisions

Get real-time insight into the efficiency of your service desk and boost business productivity by accessing actionable reports.

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