Introducing new-gen project management

Managing IT projects often gets difficult and complex. Adhering to timeline and quality is a challenge while executing any large project.

IT teams run projects of various types and sizes, including periodic audits, complex app development, and change rollouts. The projects involve varying degrees of complexity and require flexibility in the process so they can be delivered on time.

Most teams use spreadsheets to track simple projects or rely on complex IT project management solutions as the size and complexity of their projects grow. But these tools often are not flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs, and also become harder to use for more complex projects.

Today ITSM and project management tools are forced together with a broken integration, and most tools available in the market are not optimized for the new world of agility and modern DevOps practices. This gap in tool capability and the market needs makes teams disorganized, unaccountable and reactive, which results in projects missing deadlines.

Let’s look at what causes most projects delay:

  • Missing focus: There’s no context for teams because they have to use different tools to manage their Service Desk and Projects.
  • Incompetent tools: Most of the time inflexible tools are to blame when projects are delayed. Project management needs to be flexible to empower you to manage different types of projects with various complexities.
  • Lack of visibility: When it comes to complex projects, it often gets very difficult to even know the current overall progress and status.

What teams need is a solution that’s easy to use and is also flexible enough to accommodate different ways of working as project complexity grows.


Today, we are happy to announce a new-gen project management tool for modern IT teams.

A single platform to manage all your service desk and project operations.

It will bring ITSM and project management teams together on one platform to provide a holistic view of who owns what as well as the progress of various projects from a single spectrum. Deliver key initiatives on time by increasing visibility and collaboration between multiple teams working on a project. 

Here’s an overview of what the module empowers you to achieve:

Integrated project management and ITSM
IT teams can gain visibility into all key IT initiatives in one place, from periodic change rollouts to complex app development projects. 

Flexibility to run projects using any methodology
Built-in waterfall, agile and hybrid modes ensure that teams never feel stuck with a single process but are optimized to meet the needs of every project and deliver them on time.

Modern views to plan and execute projects better
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to project management. Everyone is different, and everyone in the team will do things a little differently.

New-gen project management comes with multiple modern views. Team members can visualize, slice, and dice the same set of tasks into a timeline (Gantt), kanban, task list, or group views.

multiple view in freshservice

Actionable insights & reports
Gain a consolidated view of projects across teams with project analytics. Customize and build reports with minimal effort.

Project management for non-agents
Many times, projects include tasks that involve non-IT stakeholders (finance, approvers, or business stakeholders). New-gen project management comes with project management only licenses for team members who are primarily and not part of the service desk.

To find out more about how new-gen project management can help you, click here.

Blog cover illustration by Naveen Nager