Collaborate Quickly with Teammates

Agents can collaborate quickly with teammates on an incident, right inside Slack, even if the teammate is not on Freshservice. Messages in the ticket thread get synced back to Freshservice so context is preserved for future reference.

slack integration 1 2x slack integration 1 2x

View Service Desk Tickets Within Slack

Agents can view the most recent open and pending tickets assigned to them, inside Slack, in the Home tab

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Create, Assign and Edit Tickets

Agents can create incidents from Slack messages. They can also perform quick updates like change ticket properties, add notes and even reply to customers, without having to switch tabs or open up service desk.

slack integration 2 2x slack integration 2 2x

Map Service Desk Groups to Slack Channels

Incidents and service requests can be automatically posted to relevant channels so that everyone can be kept in the loop, with full visibility and real-time updates.

slack integration 3 2x slack integration 3 2x