Bring Technical Issues to the Attention of the Development Team

IT and development teams often work in silos when it comes to solving customer problems. With the Freshservice - Freshrelease integration, all IT agents will have free access to Freshrelease. They can log technical issues directly in Freshrelease. IT agents can “@ mention” developers to get their attention to a particular issue. They can also associate an existing Freshrelease item to a ticket. 

Add comments to Freshrelease

Speed up Resolution by Providing the Right Context

Developers often struggle to understand the issue raised by the IT team. This is because the IT agent who is raising the issue only provides high-level details on the issue. Providing more context on the issue will help the development teams resolve it faster. 

With the Freshrelease integration, developers can see the entire ticket conversation between the requester and the IT agent right from their Freshrelease account. This helps them in setting up realistic expectations for the IT team and the requester. 

Seeing Freshservice context

Manage All Your IT Projects in One Place

Freshrelease allows you to manage all your internal IT projects in an agile way. You can create tasks and sub-tasks, assign them to relevant stakeholders, and use the Kanban board to visually track the progress of your project through to completion.


Manage IT projects with Freshrelease