Expand agent collaboration with native integration

The robust integration capability will allow both internal and external agents to collaborate on a query effortlessly. The contextual information from either platform will flow seamlessly and bridge the gap without any complex configuration requirements.

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Improve agent productivity 

Your internal team at Freshservice can optimize their FCR (First contact resolution) or resolution time through a holistic view of the customer ticket created in Freshdesk without back and forth to collect more information.

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Prioritize better with complete contextual information 

Your internal agent will prioritize critical customer tickets wherever helping hands are required by external support agents. The internal agents will distinguish the severity, status, and other pivotal attributes of the Freshdesk ticket within Freshservice. Not only this but changes made on these attributes on one platform will sync back to the other platform in real-time.

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Improve visibility on agent performance

Keep a tab on your internal agent performance and contribution through frequent reports that list different success metrics on Freshservice. Develop a trend analysis and use insights to strategize future moves


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Improve customer experience

Eliminate lag time and redundancy across responses from multiple stakeholders and improve customer satisfaction through fluid communication using Freshdesk & Freshservice automation.


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