See Clearly and Resolve Confidently with 

Device42's Advanced Asset Discovery

Improve business continuity with comprehensive IT infrastructure visibility and faster, risk-free service delivery.

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Automated, advanced asset discovery with dependency mapping

Device42 enriched Freshservice’s CMDB with IT infrastructure information ranging from the breadth of resources across on-premise, cloud, and software assets to the depths of their dependencies and relationships. 

Cover all Bases with Comprehensive Discovery

Device 42 enables you to discover a breadth of resources and their detailed attributes like:

  • Physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components 

  • Legacy operating systems such as IBM AIX and devices commonly found in on-premise data-centers 

  • Software licenses and their versions

  • End of Life (EOL) and warranty tracking

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See the Bigger Picture with Dependency Mapping

With Device42’s automated dependency and service mapping, understand the upstream and downstream impact at ease. Drill down to meaningful dependencies using Affinity groups by denoising the discovered relationship data to see the big picture clearly.

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Stay updated always with an auto-updating source of truth

With the automated discovery and dependency mapping of infrastructure resources, build a self-documenting single source of truth that lays a backbone for all your services and operations management processes. Schedule daily syncs to update your CMDB and use manual syncs for instant data refresh.

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High-precision service management for a business that is Always on

Build a real-time, auto-updating source of truth in Freshservice that unlocks advanced asset lifecycle management, efficient change planning, and rapid resolution of business-critical issues.

Advanced ITAM for Asset lifecycle management and Governance

Leverage a cloud-focused, right-sized, and modern ITAM solution and manage your asset’s lifecycle to enhance IT governance and reduce IT costs. Improve governance by empowering asset managers with scalable automation and innovative analytics.

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Assess business impact accurately for efficient change rollouts

Plan your change rollouts efficiently with complete visibility into dependent assets and services to assess the business impact of change. Enable smart change deployments with change collision detection, automate change lifecycle tasks, and streamline change planning with CAB huddle and change calendars.

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Reduce downtime with high-precision root cause analysis

Enable your operations teams to rapidly perform root cause analysis and resolve critical issues with 360-degree visibility into the impacted assets and their dependant services. Resolve confidently with visibility into associated incidents and integrated change deployments

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Why Freshservice-Device42 integration?

Improve MTTR

See your infrastructure dependencies clearly to resolve tickets faster.

Automate IT Tasks

Automate actions for any infrastructure change, problems, or incidents.

Reduce Risk

With complete infra-visibility ensure a risk-free, fast resolution.

Audit ready always

Track resources, applications, and dependencies to tackle audits at ease.

Govern asset costs

Identify areas to save spend and optimize IT costs with visibility into asset usage.