IT Helpdesk Software for Healthcare

How is Freshservice Health Service Desk Useful ?

Healthcare = Support

Your most important concern is to see that the level 1 forms are duly filled and a proper record is created. A ticketing system that is easy to create with customized fields so you can gather the information you require and discard the unnecessary ones. You have the freedom to decide how the raised ticket should appear as an incident. Assign rules and automate the tickets to be directly sent to the concerned employee to respond and solve the issues. Save the time of going through the tickets and assigning it; reduce response time and enhance productivity. Eliminate redundancy in data entry. What more, a unified desktop means the agents don’t have to switch from one system to another or go through piles of files.

Data on the cloud; not bound to geographic location

Have all your data secure on the cloud. Which means it’s easy to access through anywhere - PC, laptop and mobile. You don’t have to worry about hosting servers, installation, configuration, high maintenance and sweat about the system crashing and losing all your important records. With Freshservice, there is no possibility of that. You can have as many healthcare centers and with one central office, and you can still use the same server.

Financial management, reduce expenses and save time

Freshservice gives you a proper asset management and easy-to-use tracking system to monitor your CI. An effective preventive maintenance software that keeps your system functioning smoothly, Freshservice reduces and expenses, maintenance and calculates depreciation of your equipments with the financial management module. With minimal training, you can save time required in exhaustive training & scanning through guidebooks. Our helpdesk is easy to setup and simple to use; we help you with live demo and assistance anytime you require.

Prioritize your tickets; get real-time report

All tickets are important and need to be resolved, but you can’t deny the fact that some issues need more focus than others. You can prioritize tickets so the agents knows to give them due importance and resolve them first. Get auto generated reports to monitor productivity and time taken to resolve tickets.

A complete ITIL package

Freshservice’s service desk software is a complete solution to all your IT needs. With an intuitive UI to open service requests at a faster rate, SLA’s to have a better working policy, Discovery Probe to chart inventory and Knowledge Base to have solutions ready for future reference.

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