Self Service Portal

Educate, engage, and enhance your users' experience

When you are running a business in the ITSM space, you are sometimes expected to be available for your internal users round the clock. Sometimes, as an IT Admin, you can go through endless days of responding to the same questions, fixing the same issues and giving out obvious answers repeatedly simply because you are the go-to guy in the team. Enter self-service, and suddenly you have a secret weapon that will make your life better. But what good is it going to make if self-service just means a dump of information that nobody can comprehend?

Freshservice IT Incident Management software helps you set up a beautifully designed self-service portal for your users, so that they can dive in and start looking for answers themselves without standing in line. That way, they can go from getting stuck to discovering a solution without getting you in to the loop or waiting for somebody from your team to get back. 

Brush niggles out of the way by promoting self-service

Every service desk software has a set of questions that keep coming back as tickets everyday. Some of them are rather simple, and some of them require detailed instructions from the ground up. Either way, with your knowledge base set up inside Freshservice, you can bring down your support volume instantly by promoting self-service. Every minute saved is a minute saved for both your users and your agents. 

Knowledge base setup inside Freshservice provides a Self-service portal to get support volume
No longer worry about writing same solutions repeatedly. Let your service desk answer automatically.
Help users help themselves to your knowledge

Every new solution article that gets added in your knowledge base takes you one step closer to creating a comprehensive self-service experience for your business. With Freshservice, your agents can create solutions on the fly when they are working on a ticket, and make sure that the answer is up there for the world to see. So the next time somebody has the same question, your service desk software will give them the right answer automatically. 

Make it easier for users to get in touch with you

Walk-in requests and chat messages don't really make sense when you have thousands of employees in your team and just a handful of IT guys to take care of everything on their own. What you really want to be doing is have people raise tickets directly from your support portal, and take things from there. Freshservice tracks down every issue raised by your users and records them properly so that your team can function just as well, no matter how big you are. 

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