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As soon as there is disruption in your organization ITSM software, a state of panic is built. IT incident management software tools help in distinguishing between the major incidents based on the priority, impact, and urgency. There are multiple customers affected by some online service desk software problem, and have the biggest impact on your business. You are bombarded by a large number of users' complaints and issues, calling for highest level of urgency. Irrespective of the roundabouts and precautionary measures taken, you are never fully equipped when it comes as a major blow to your service desk. You can’t overlook or neglect it, since it causes significant disruption to your business.

Freshservice Major Incident Management software, an integral part in your ITIL compliant help desk software, comes into play here. You can’t let one department single-handedly manage such unforeseen circumstances. The departments have to overlap and cross-function in such scenarios. Keep a separate team ready under this category consisting of the core members from various departments. Define and agree what constitutes as a major incident and map out a proper plan. The ultimate aim is to utilize all the available resources to promptly resolve the issues and document the measures taken for any similar outage occurrences in the future.

A proper major incident management process software for your ITSM tickets based on priority, impact and urgency

Highest Priority

Are many of your users facing similar issues and disrupted services? This means you need to focus more on these IT help desk tickets. Reduce and manage your tickets by linking all these incidents to the major incident. This requires a separate procedure, with shorter duration and greater urgency while taking any necessary actions.

Systematic Procedure

Plan out a different process for major incident management. The planning, execution, and arrangement need to cover all aspects to reduce the service downtime. Have a competent and efficient team ready to handle right from getting the notifications, through the root cause diagnosis, to the final report delivery. Not to forget, the review process, tracking if the policy and procedure is in place.

Strong Communication System

Major incidents affect multiple customers. This means bombardment of users queries and complaints. You need to tackle them diplomatically. Face it, users hate being left unaware about the restore, confusions or conflicting information more than losing their service. Hence, communication plays a pivotal role. Have a disaster management team ready for such scenarios. Keep your customers in the loop about the current situation and progress. Informed agents can calm down the users in panic and buy time for restoration of service.

Stellar Department

Major incidents disrupt not only a small portion of the organization but runs deep to its core level. This calls for involvement of managers at different hierarchical levels. You need a special major incident management software consisting of key members from different departments. You need to handle the overall co-ordination to restore the service, tackle the customers, provide updates and have an immediate backup solution to reduce the impact. They are the decision-makers and problem-shooters of your organization who can handle crisis in the most effective way possible.

Why you need Freshservice Major Incident Management software:

  • Distinguish major incidents from other incidents.
  • Prioritize, understand the urgency and impact of the incident for immediate action.
  • Link related incidents to major incidents.
  • Effective risk management to handle disasters.

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