Knowledge Base

Find answers to all your frequent queries in a few clicks

Despite popular opinion, life as a service desk agent is as unglamorous as it can get. A support agent spends most of his time, answering the same set of questions over and over. Imagine answering "How do I reset my password?" fifty times a day; not only does this make their life incredibly monotonous but it also makes the end-user wait for an answer to a problem or query that actually could be solved in a jiffy with the right guide.

Now you can give your users the gift of knowledge by building and populating a Knowledge Base with the most frequently asked questions that plague your service desk software. This way, your agents don't have to bother with the boring part and are free to concentrate on the important issues that demand their undivided attention. 

Jump the incident queue by letting users find answers themselves

Save your users time by writing solutions to some commonly asked questions. This way, instead of waiting for you to get back to them on questions like "How do I reset my password?" or "How do I connect wirelessly to the printer?" your users can simply read the solution and solve the problem on their own, leaving you free to focus on the more mission-critical ones. 

Choose the right answer from the given list of suggested solutions and send it to your user
Your answer is ready and waiting. Just hit send.

Remember those tricky questions that keep coming back to your help desk everyday? Instead of having your agents type specific replies to them every time, you can have Freshservice's service desk software pick out the right solution for you from your Knowledge Base. Go ahead, hit that insert solution button, and save yourself some time, pain, and money. Now do that a hundred times and you could save your day from heaps of incidents that just refuse to go down. 

Create articles on the fly and keep your Knowledge Base up-to-date

The truth is, most IT guys are too busy saving the world to sit around and populate your Knowledge Base, one FAQ at a time. Most solution articles are conceived on the fly, as support requests are being answered and then lost forever as email conversations. Freshservice incident management software lets you convert your strokes of genius into Knowledge Base articles, without ever leaving your ticket view. Just copy your Knowledge Base into the conversation and you are done. Have all the answers in canned response format and free yourself to face the next big issue coming your way. 

Populate your knowledge base articles with a FAQ to make solutions simpler

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