Issue Tracking

Start prioritizing and tracking your tickets

IT operations in your service desk software can get pretty overwhelming at times. There are always a bunch of tickets pending from yesterday when you come in, and then there are new questions people suddenly want answered when they get to work. And when you are too busy babysitting that software you’re using, you end up getting enough backlogs to give you nightmares for the rest of the week.

Consider Freshservice IT incident management software to be your agenda. It takes all the issues you need to track and allots a due time on it so that you know exactly how much time you have to save the day. Now when you go back to being everybody’s favorite IT guy, you get to spend time on things that actually matter a lot more, instead of trying to understand complicated software.

Incident or Service Request? Stop wasting time with the little things

Going through a heap of tickets and figuring out what to do with them every day isn’t anybody’s idea of a dream job. With Freshservice IT incident management software tools, you can have every incoming ticket categorized, prioritized and assigned to the right agent in your team automatically. With service desk automation, incidents go straight into the right team, and so do service requests. Your agents don’t even have to put their hands up and say “that one’s mine.”

Create rules, prioritize and issue tickets to the agents automatically with Freshservice issue tracking
Save your time to track issues with Freshservice knowledge base to provide solutions for FAQs
Pin right solutions to right tickets, every time

Every agent has his own set of password reset requests and slow connection issues that take up most of his day. Why bother giving them all those instructions yourself when you can set up an entire knowledge base in Freshservice? Let your smart SaaS service desk software suggest which one’s the right answer. Just pick it up, pin it to the ticket you are working on and you’re done.

Things getting out of hand? Link incidents to problems then and there

Sometimes, when workarounds aren’t making anybody’s life better, you have no choice but to bring your problem team into the loop. And chances are, you are doing this all the time. That’s why Freshservice incident management software tool lets you link any incident to an existing problem, or create a new one on the fly without changing tabs or refreshing pages.

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