Freshservice Incident Management software is a cloud-based solution for handling your organization's incidents. Any sort of failure or disruption caused to your IT service – be it configuration items or assets – is an incident. Your first priority in such a scenario is to restore normal service, minimize your impact on business operations, and ensure best possible service level agreement. Awareness of the cause of the major incidents is imperative, and might need root cause analyses to understand it better to take responsive action. You need to establish a prompt resolution or workaround to restore service at the earliest.

Freshservice IT Incident Management software capture incidents through various mediums - right from the self-service portal, phone calls, chats, emails, web interface, to even the ones raised in person. Prioritize and assign tickets based on the impact and urgency of the failure or interruption. Automate and route incidents directly to the right agent or support team. Reduce tickets by creating a knowledge base with all the solutions to problems one might come across in your service desk and save time for everyone.

Freshservice Incident management software helps you manage your IT incidents in the most effective way.

How Freshservice IT Incident Management Software Works

Track incidents

Manage your incidents like never before with a seamless workflow to reduce any sort of IT disruption. Start capturing incidents in your service desk and tracking its statuses right away. Easy for end-users to log in to the portal and raise a ticket whenever an issue arises. 

Prioritize incidents

With Freshservice, you can decide which incident is important and needs immediate attention. Prioritize based on its urgency and impact, and resolve accordingly. Easily focus on the high priority issues and redirect your time to tackle other tasks depending on your needs. 

Assign incidents

Determine the right agents and team to resolve certain incidents so you can automatically route similar tickets to technicians based on various categories like priority, impact, availability, skill, department, etc. Handle trouble tickets at ease by categorizing it to your choice.

Incident Management gets easy when you categorize your IT tickets based on priority.

Knowledge base for known errors

Your service desk encounters different types of incidents every day – be it typical issues like password reset, router problems, faulty printers, or other major incidents that threaten your IT service. Now you can save time and resources by making solutions available in the knowledge base that can be accessed from the self-service portal, instead of the agents having to repeat the answers. 

Automate incident management

Why invest extra hours on sorting and assigning tickets when your service desk automation can take care of it? Bid adieu to the mundane tasks and set predefined rules, specify the actions that need to be performed for certain scenarios so you can automate ticket assignment, routing, and escalation according to your requirements.

Diagnose the incidents

The first step to resolve any issue is to diagnose the incident. You need to analyze it, find the impact, and reason. Find a workaround once you’re done with the root cause analysis by using Freshservice's timeline of events. Add to the incident notes to know about it in-depth and find measures to resolve the same.

Escalate the incidents

Some incidents are more critical than the others. Escalate such incidents from first-level agents to the next level of support team for resolving the issues in a timely manner. Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies for your service desk determine the timeframe set for every agent to respond and resolve tickets based on their priorities. Enable your agents to satisfy end users' requests in good time.

 With Freshservice Incident Management Software, you can set SLA policies for the time within which, agents should respond and resolve IT incidents.

Incident resolution

Review the incidents once you find solutions to the issues and monitor the event before closing the tickets. Create predefined rules to automatically close resolved tickets. Easily interlink common incidents to specific problems and enhance productivity with the automated solution. 

User satisfaction survey

Identify the satisfaction levels of end users and evaluate the performance of your support agents in resolving issues. Simply send across a survey form after every ticket closure and continue improving your incident management process.

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