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Remember how you felt walking into work on the first day of a new job? Excited, eager, and ready to get cracking, right? And one of the best parts of that day is receiving your paraphernalia and company insignias from the HR team. It is the responsibility of the IT teams to make sure that everything is ready, right from their work station, their ID cards, their network access and more. There is usually a lot of back and forth conversations among HR, reporting managers and IT teams due to which the onboarding process is delayed.

As businesses grow, it is natural that the hiring process accelerates as well, and the number of new hires increases. How do you ensure, that all these new employees receive a seamless onboarding experience? How can the IT teams collaborate with the HR teams to ensure a smooth onboarding? In many organizations, the onboarding process is cumbersome due to siloed departments.  A new hire comes into work on their first day, ready and eager to begin. But things may get delayed due to multiple iterations across various departments. This, unfortunately, results in the new employee dealing with a lot of idle and unproductive time.

All you need is a modern service management solution like Freshservice, to deliver great employee experience. We are excited to launch our Employee Onboarding feature, that seamlessly allows the IT teams to collaborate efficiently with the HR teams, reporting managers and efficiently onboard new employees. This helps them maximize their potential, and achieve a healthy productivity rate right from the get-go.

Why did we build Employee Onboarding?

Onboarding an employee is not as simple as it sounds. The common issue is the lack of a single source or no one place to go to drive the onboarding process. Hiring managers drive onboarding activities, working with multiple departments such as IT, facilities, finance, HR, and other teams. Lack of automation and modern service management results in delays, and this does not provide a great experience for new employees.

Employee onboarding workflow


  • Better collaboration among stakeholders – Employee onboarding requires people from multiple departments to work closely. Employee Onboarding enables collection of information from multiple personnel like HR, reporting managers, and employees, at the appropriate stages of an onboarding request. For example, the employee provides personal information and reporting manager decides on the application access etc. This means multiple requesters contributing to a single ticket.
  • Efficient status tracking – Here, HR personnel becomes the requester for the onboarding ticket and all the child tickets are created and assigned to the right group. Therefore, this provides complete visibility on all stages of a ticket and identifies every bottleneck that could delay the complete onboarding process. HR personnel can monitor the progress of all onboarding activities in real-time. For example: Awaiting Information, Request In Progress and Request Completed are the different stages of the employee onboarding process.
  • Better management – Onboarding includes access to multiple items such as application provision, ID card, and others. These are bundled within a single child ticket and assigned to the right teams. Child tickets can have multiple items associated with it or it can be created without any service item. This means lesser child tickets against every employee onboarded.

A single source of engagement


The HR personnel will initiate the onboarding request from the self-service portal. Once the necessary information is filled, the request will be sent to the respective employee and their reporting manager, to fill in the required details for onboarding. For instance, the reporting manager can choose the type of laptop that is to be given to the employee. The consolidated information entered by all three stakeholders will be used by the IT and facilities teams, to fulfill the onboarding request.

Setting up onboarding forms

The HR, the reporting manager, and the employee will fill the onboarding forms in this section configured by the admin. Admin will be able to add items from the service catalog for the employee, which the HR personnel and reporting manager can choose from. For example, the reporting manager will choose items such as applications, laptop whereas employees select items such as ID card, parking permit etc.


Creating an onboarding checklist

Configure a list of onboarding parent and child tickets that need to be fulfilled by your agents from various groups. Here you can configure the ticket subject, assign the ticket to the relevant agent group, and associate the right fields and items (configured in the onboarding forms) for each ticket.

Employee onboarding


The Advantage

  • Zero-Conversations – New Employee Onboarding eliminates the need for onboarding related conversations happening across multiple channels. Instead, it triggers a process that can automatically and intuitively collect information from the multiple personnel involved in the onboarding process.
  • Inclusivity – The feature pulls-in all the right personnel into the ticket conversation at the appropriate steps/stages  
    • HR is involved throughout the lifecycle of the ticket
    • Reporting manager gets involved when information related to job function is required
    • The recruit gets involved to provide personal information.
    • The IT agents across different teams are involved once information from all the personnel is received and the parent/child tickets are created. Therefore, it saves time for the agents as tickets are created only after the necessary information is provided. All the above enables the different teams to function like a single collaborative unit working towards onboarding a candidate in the most frictionless manner.
  • Efficiency – Since fewer child tickets are created, it is easier for IT to track and fulfill the requests. Improve efficiency by automating processes using New Employee Onboarding.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction – with a streamlined, consumer-like experience for processes that span multiple departments.

By automating employee onboarding and leveraging self-service, IT and facilities teams can unburden the pressures and responsibilities from HR teams, and deliver a great employee experience. We are transforming the employee experience and the way onboarding is executed.  Self-service and automatic request fulfillment drives massive increases in productivity and delivers a seamless experience.

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