How to achieve faster time-to-value with Freshservice?

According to the latest report on ITSM in 2021 and beyond, when asked what main area their service desk would be focusing on in 2021, the largest proportion of respondents specified they will be focusing on automation of processes, tasks, and ticket handling. Some of the biggest trends are around Chatbots and Virtual Agents, as specified by 44% of respondents, and self-service, as specified by 42% of respondents.

This clearly indicates that a service management solution for the modern enterprise needs to be intuitive, intelligent and extensible. It needs to deliver an end-to-end consumer grade employee experience and automate tasks and embed artificial intelligence into the entire service delivery process thereby helping IT agents take on more complex, higher value work. It also needs to be extensible and power integrations and workflows at an enterprise scale to deliver efficiency and quick returns.

Freshservice is an intelligent, right-sized service management solution for the modern enterprise. It delivers exceptional employee experiences that delight your employees with an intuitive, intelligent, no-code solution helping businesses of all sizes achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and greater ROI.

How can you achieve faster time-to value with all the challenges that your business faces today?

Join us for the [How To:] series on Freshservice to learn in depth about our key product capabilities that can help you move from primitive and manual methods of ITSM to modern methods of ITSM. Below are the list of episodes that you can tune in each week to make your ITSM employee centric and agile:

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