Have you done your IT investment yet?

Alright, before you panic…this has nothing to do with your income tax or investments. I’m referring to something that remained at the bottom of your priority list for a long time now. IT service desk is your IT investment for supporting your employees.

Many companies today, see an IT service desk for incident management as an extravagance. Why? Because there are other free options, that aids and solves the IT teams’ requirements. What are these options? A simple mailbox and a phone channel.

Usually, when an employee has an incident that is to be reported to the IT team, they simply write an email, make a call, or just walk up to them to get the issue fixed.

Picture this: Mary, John, and Sam are from the sales team at a company and they all have a common request: to gain access to Freshsales (a CRM tool from Freshworks). Each person approaches this differently:

  • Mary walks up to the IT team and asks for access. The first available agent gets this done in a matter of a few seconds.
  • John calls up the IT team and requests for the same thing. The access is granted even as he is speaking over the phone and John starts his work.
  • Sam chooses to send an email requesting for access. The email just gets buried by a blanket of other emails and goes unnoticed by the IT agents, and they end up taking four days to respond to this request.

Incident management through different channels of communication


For the same request, it takes employees anywhere between a few seconds to several days to get a resolution to their issue/request, simply because they chose different communication channels to reach out to the IT team.

What’s the impact?

Sam, who wanted Freshsales access to keep track of his contacts and pipeline, would have had a dip in productivity, in turn, a fall in his numbers. All of these because he could not get immediate access to Freshsales and had to struggle with just his mailbox. The impact would be worse if there were a thousand such Sams in a company.

Let’s look at what would have happened if the company had a service desk in place.

Incident management with a service desk



Mary, John, and Sam get a response at the same time, and everyone can start working at once. This is because, with a service desk, an agent can easily categorize the same type of requests, prioritize and resolve them quickly.

But wait. If things are getting done without a service desk, why would a company spend money on it to support their own employees? Things are getting done, albeit with some delay, but the employees can live with it. 

In such a situation, would you, or your company prioritize and allocate budget for an IT service desk?

In four years of interacting with people in the IT industry, I have found that at least 50% of them would’ve said, “the company is not ready to allocate a budget for the IT team or a service desk at this point in time. There are other priorities. We’ll get back to you once the budget is allocated”. And trust me. When I tried reaching out to them a year later, they all gave the same response. The situation never geared up and this never came on their priority list.

The hard truth:

It’s all a vicious cycle. What this 50% of the company does not realize is that when an issue raised by the employee takes a long time to get resolved, it results in minor business impacts, on an individual level. But, what if these minor delays are felt throughout the company. Now that’s something serious, isn’t it?

The downside:

  • The company would’ve earned frustration from the IT and other internal teams
  • Unhappy employees due to delay in resolution time
  • Loss of productivity
  • Delay in processes
  • Losing track of work done
  • Dip in business
  • Losing pace in the fast-growing tech world

Hacks to convince your IT manager for an IT investment:

  1. Drive outcomes faster by:

  • Prioritising
  • Avoiding crowded mailbox
  • Automating the workflows
  • Challenging the agents with some interesting game mechanics
  1. Increase visibility on IT spends with:  

  •   Customizable reporting capabilities
  •   Custom dashboard
  1. Enjoyable experience for employees by:

  •   An easy request fulfilment process
  •   Faster response and resolution time   

We think we are saving money by not investing in an IT service desk and putting those dollars to good use elsewhere. What we do not realize is that we are actually losing more by not investing in a service desk.

Why do I call this an investment?

When Freshservice (the service desk tool from Freshworks) came into the market five years ago, it was a simple service desk with few modules like ticketing, ITIL flow, service catalog, asset management. In the last five years, it showed nothing but growth. So many value-add features like workflow automator, employee onboarding, change life cycle management, analytics, customizable dashboard came onboard. Moreover, Freshservice offers integration with over 200 apps from its marketplace.

And there are other interesting things like a bot-assisted conversational portal, multiple portal facilities for MSPs, and more, piled up for the upcoming years.

When the product keeps growing and adds value consistently for the same price that you initially subscribed with, then I sure believe its an investment.

And you needn’t negotiate because we give before you ask!

So tell me, folks. Why wait? Ready to invest?

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Images by Sharmila

Editing by Sushma